5 Best Websites for Learning English Online

Every language has its specific own importance and values. The English language is spoken by 950 million people in the world. Learning a language is not easy it requires Practice, patience, determination, and guidance. In the 21st century, we have a lot of courses for learning a language some based on language modeling and machine learning.

English is the official language in around 69 countries which shows the importance of English in the present time and how much it requires the knowledge of English skills to get a happier life with meaning. I have seen most English learners start their learning in English classes and in school. But after some time, they are stuck in an intermediate level or advanced which includes an accent of specific language, advanced grammar, etc. I am going to share some awesome online sites which will be helpful to sharpen your English skills.

How to find genuine and trustable sites

Finding a genuine and trustable online website is too difficult in the new techno world. Most of the sites demand money or paid membership to continue learning from those sites. Or some fake sites redirect different pages and websites which show wrong and unauthentic information. There are many ways or activities to improve English speaking skills only it requires an authentic and genuine learning website.

Gain information from the internet – There are many authentic websites available that are organized by universities and institutes like Phrase mix, Coursera, and English Council. Google suggests many valuable and informative websites for learning.

Social Media– social media is one of the popular online platforms which is used all over the world. There are many influencers and personality which continuously share their ideas and thought on social media like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. we can access review of many people on social media which provides us a clarification about the site and quarries.

Podcasts, YouTube, Articles – Podcasts, and videos are easy ways to find interest because these are based on visualization and various sound effects which stimulate our minds to get involved. Simply, by searching on these platforms and after getting the review of feedback we can judge and enroll in a genuine and trustable website.

5 Sites to Sharpen English skills

Online websites and other sites are the best options for learning intermediate or advanced English skills. Quizzes, videos, crosswords, and different types of access are the major concept in Learning English skills. Language learning is absolutely a life process it cannot be learned overnight. We should keep learning it does matter whether you are slow or fast only thing is learning which is important for growth. There are so many sites available on the internet and most of them are full of knowledge and information, but I will share 5 ways to improve your English especially, some are the most important and popular sites which will be helpful to sharpen your English skills.

British Council

British Council is one of my preferred sites which is used for learning English skills. British council includes Videos tutorials, interactive lessons, games, and podcasts which make it different from other sites. When it comes to learning it is divided into six sections, which are based on speaking, listening, writing, and reading. Grammar, general English, Vocabulary, etc.

This site gives a chance to know the British culture and description. It evolves many great people like Shakespeare and their biography. If you like reading books or what’s happing in the world.  This site is suitable for you. It also helps to fit our mental health. British Council is the best site for intermediate and advanced English learners.


Coursera is an online platform for courses. It is known as Massive open online courses or MOOCs. It is accessible to everyone who wants to comprehend his English skills. There is so easy step to join these courses. Coursera is organized by many highly reputed universities and institutes. There are many more courses available on this online platform, anyone can learn these courses too for self-improvement or academic study.

BBC Learning

This is designed especially for intermediate and advanced learner who wants to know how to improve their speaking skills. This site includes wonderful activities for practice, most of the based on current events and situations. It teaches English in British style through its broadcast stories. BBC learning provides its lessons and learning through videos with incredible details.

This is an authentic site that is being used by many people all over the world. Idioms, phrases, and advanced grammatical English rules are a major part of BBC learning. I would recommend this app for all English who want to enhance their English skills.


Duolingo is an online application that teaches us not only English skills but also other popular languages. Duolingo gets you to start from a basic level to an advanced level. In this application, we must do some activities like making a sentence, correcting the spelling, and quizzing games we listen to the pronunciation of each word which helps to learn the accent too. There is paid version of it too for advanced or intermediate learners.


Reddit is a new site that gets popular in a very short time due to its performance and review. This is my one of favorite websites where I continuously share my thought and ideas on current events and issues. If I have any doubt or query so, I post my questions on it and I get so many effective and valuable answers.

We can connect with our influencers with the help of this site anonymously. According to research, about 4,000 words are added every year to the dictionary which shows how difficult to learn every word or phrase. But Reddit gives a chance how to learn English at home and online with new vocabulary and new grammatical rules which is very useful. Especially, advanced

learners who sharpen their English Skills. There is a quote “There is no substitute for hard work” if you practice and work hard so, nothing is difficult.

These were the 5 ways to learn English faster at home. You can visit the websites according to your interest and continue any of these and improve your English in your comfort zone.

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