Comprehension Passages Tricks For Competitive Exams

passages tricks for competitive exams

Reading comprehension is an important skill whether you are preparing for any academic exam or competitive exams. You should also go through these Reading comprehension tips for Government tips. It is important for both and unseen passages and comprehension passage.

In this blog, we are going to share 10 comprehension passages tricks for competitive exams and academic exams with you to ace these questions without efforts.

Let’s start talking about these 10 effective reading comprehension tricks that will boost your performance in exams.

Understand the passage structure: before reading the passage completely you need to understand its structure first. A passage includes an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. The introduction describes what the passages is all about. The body presents the information and facts in the passage. The conclusion sums it up at the end. Understanding the structure helps you with the roadmap to follow when you start answering the questions. It also helps you understand the passage better.

Giving touch up before reading:– after going through the structure of the passage, the second reading comprehension strategies is to read the headings and the sub-headings of the paragraph. It gives you a basic understanding about the paragraphs. When you start answering the questions, you will have a clear idea where you can find the answers. It saves your time and helps in giving accurate answers.

Highlight key points:– when you are going through the passage, you should take the help of a highlighter. You can mark important points, dates, names, and locations in the paras. Doing this will help you answer in no time. The highlighted points will be easy to locate and save time to find them.

Read the questions first:– it is advisable that before reading passage, you read the questions first. It will give you a clear idea when you go to read the article what information you need to explore from the passage. You will be fully focused in finding the answers. It gives you a focused approach for reading passage.

Make notes:– while reading the passage make short notes. Summarize the paragraph or section with some important phrases. These notes work like the weapons when you frame your answers. It becomes easier to tackle the questions and keep the important information in mind.

Avoid over thinking:– you should always look for the clarity. Because some answers are straight forward.  They do not require any correction. Be confident in your reading skills. Don’t ever doubt your ability to answer the question. Overthinking distracts you from the track. You can’t also focus on the important information. It diverts your attention.

Context clues:– the context is always knowledgeable. While reading the comprehension passages, it is quite obvious that you come across some unfamiliar words. You should not worry about them. Because no one knows all the word meanings. But you can take the help of surrounding words to understand their meanings. This approach improves your grasp of the passage. It also helps you answer the antonyms and synonyms of the word given in the question.

Practice active reading:– always be active in reading the passage. When you start reading the passage always keep a question in your mind “what is the core idea? or “why did the writer add this detail?” then you can start reading the passage. Your mind will always be seeking for the information for these questions. You will be very active in reading. Therefore, we suggest you these reading comprehension tricks to read the questions first and then read the passage.

Eliminate incorrect options:– you may have some multiple choice questions about the passage. Only one option is the correct answer among them. You can always identify the unmatched options. This elimination method increases your chance of selecting the correct option.

Time management:– time is the most important factor in reading comprehension passages for competitive exams. You hardly get 10 to 15 minutes for the passage. You must answer all the questions within the time else you will lose other questions. If you follow these tricks you will easily solve the passage within the given time. Make sure you do Reading comprehension practice with some unseen passages questions before the exam.


Solving the reading comprehension passages is a challenging task. People take plenty of time to answer the questions. Therefore, they fail to answer other questions in the exams. We have searched and implemented these tips with a lot of students of different classes. They could easily answer all the questions after going through these techniques.

You will also be able to win the unseen passages with these tricks.

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