Noun Rules For Competitive Exams


A noun is something which can be seen, felt, heard or touched as we have already discussed it in the previous part. Or all the naming words are called a noun.

Types of Noun

There are generally five types of nouns.

        1.     Proper

        2.     Common

        3.     Collective

        4.     Abstract

        5.     Material

Examples: Ram, India, Army, Love, and Gold.

These days the students are extremely worried about their bright future. They start preparing for the competitive exams in order to make their dream come true to have a government job, but clearing the exam becomes a challenging task if they bark up the wrong tree. This blog provides useful material for English grammar for competitive exams. In today’s article, there are indispensable rules of noun for competitive exam. It helps them learn the rules from a basic to an advanced level and provides detailed explanations for the answers.

Functions of Noun

To understand the functioning of a noun thoroughly it becomes necessary to know how a noun works in a sentence. A noun is used differently in English it can be either a subject or an object.

        1. The Subject to a verb

· Raman won the best student award in 2020.

· The books are our best friends.

        2. The Object to a verb

            · They gave Mohan a difficult task.

            · The people of India have patriotism in their hearts.

        3. The object to a preposition

            · The students write letters to their parents in order to wish them ‘Happy Parents Day.’

            · He was awarded with a trophy and a cheque for $10,000.

        4. The Possessive Case

            · Sunil’s laptop has an original window and the fastest operating system.

            · The students effort for making Clean India Mission successful was largely appreciated by the public.

        5. Descriptive of another noun

            · Neha, an SEO expert, leads an extremely hectic life.

            · Anish, the trainer, loves bodybuilding.

Noun rules in English Grammar

Rule no.1 These nouns are always used as a plural. You can never remove “S” at the last to use it as singular. 

Scissors, Tongs, Pliers, Pincers, Bellows, Trousers, Pants, Pajamas, Shorts, Gallows, Fangs, Spectacles, Goggles, Binoculars, Eyeglasses, Alms, Amends, Archives, Arrears, Congratulations, Outskirts, Riches, surroundings, Thanks, and Belongings, etc.


1. The scissors are a portable tool to be carried away easily.

2. My goggles are very expensive I bought them from Bangalore.

3. Binoculars are a useful object to see far-off things close.

4. Alms were offered by the public from every state to build the lord Rama Temple in Ayodhya.

5. Congratulations are the best sayings for a positive attitude person.

6. Thanks can never repay one’s helpful efforts.

7. Where are my new trousers?

8. The ancient archives are kept in the archeological department safely.

9. The riches may bestow you transient happiness, but not a satisfactory life.

10. Your surroundings can never stop you to achieve your goals if you have recalcitrance.

Rule no. 2 Some nouns may look plural but are actually singular in reality. We always use a singular verb with such nouns.

News, Innings, Politics, Summons, Physics, Economics, Ethics, Mathematics, Mumps, Rickets, Billiards, Athletics.


1. The news of opening Mohallah clinics a project to provide each person medical facility near his door by Delhi’s chief minister Arvind Kejriwal, was praised by many international organizations worldwide.

2. Politics is a dirty game that attracts people to evil ways with a view to making a lot of money instantly.

3. The summons is a legal invitation for someone to have appeared in court else strict actions against him can be taken by the district magistrate.

4.  Physics was my favorite subject till 9th grade later I liked chemistry a lot.

5. Students face problems in some chapters of economics and find a tutor to clear their doubts.

6. Billiards is one of the most popular games in some countries, but it is rarely played in India.

7. Sachin Tendulkar scored a century in a single innings against the Shri Lanka team in the world cup.

Rule no. 3 There are some uncountable nouns that are always used singular, but we can’t use A/an article with them.

Scenery, Poetry, Furniture, Advice, Information, Hair, Business, Bread, Stationery, Crockery, Luggage, Baggage, Knowledge, Wastage, Jewellery, Breakage, Work, Evidence, and Cost.


1. The scenery of Jammu and Kashmir and mesmerize you.

2. Mr. Amitabh’s poetry is quite famous amongst all young readers.

3. Your advice was helpful for me to leave my previous job and find a better one.

4. He leaks personal information and sells it to the enemy country.

5. Earning bread and butter has become a difficult task for poor families.

6. I went to a stationery shop to buy pencil colors for the project.

7. He showed us a video as proof of evidence so that we could arrest him directly.

8. My hair is very long, but I never feel like having a haircut.

To use the above word as plural nouns you need to use certain words like this.

1. He bought some pieces of furniture for his daughter’s marriage.

2. I could collect only a few pieces of information through my research about this virus.

3. He offered me two slices of bread at breakfast.

4. My son demanded some items of school stationery.

These were some of the most crucial noun rules in English Grammar. I hope could easily understand in case there is any doubt or suggestion, please let us know through comments. To continue your journey in the English language keep visiting this page.

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