What is the English Name of Indian Firecrackers?

English name of Indian Firecrackers

Diwali, the Festival of Lights, stands as a highly anticipated and extensively celebrated festival in India. Diwali, a festival steeped in profound symbolism, celebrates the victory of light over darkness, kindness over malevolence, and knowledge over ignorance. Firecrackers, with their vibrant colors and resonating explosions, increase the festival’s excitement. Yet, they demand respect and caution. Celebrants should approach them with mindfulness, cherishing the festival’s spirit while ensuring safety and reverence. We should remember how special they are and use them with caution.

In this article, we are going to learn the crackers name in English and know how they work and make our lives enjoyable.

The Significance of Firecrackers in Diwali

Traditional Symbolism: Firecrackers delve into the very roots of Diwali celebrations. People love firecrackers because they bring happiness and make everyone feel joyful. Some believe that the sounds they make scare away bad spirits and make everyone feel safe and happy.

Joy and Celebration: The List of crackers are the instrumental expression of jubilation and festivity. Firecrackers add excitement and joy to the festival. They create beautiful colors and loud sounds that make people of all ages feel happy. Everyone, from kids to grown-ups, enjoys them.

The Evolution of Diwali Firecrackers

The tradition of illuminating different types of crackers for Diwali unfolds a storied chronicle that has metamorphosed through epochs. Initially, in the past, people used to light oil lamps and diyas to celebrate Diwali. This was to remember when Lord Rama came back to Ayodhya after defeating the demon king Ravana.

The incorporation of firecrackers into these festivities can be traced back to the Mughal era in India. The Mughal kings, known for their fancy parties and luxury, were the first to use fireworks. As time passed, regular people started using them too, and that’s how firecrackers became a part of Diwali celebrations.

What are Different Types of Crackers?

The English name of Crackers in English are different in India. Technology has made lots of firecrackers, each with its own special features.

The List of crackers people use during Diwali are:

List of crackers

1) Anar (Fountain): These pyrotechnics conjure a bewitching cascade of sparks and hues upon ignition, rendering them a favored choice for both the young and the young at heart.

2) Chakri (Spinner): Chakris, compact discs imbued with alacrity, whirl into a hypnotic ballet of luminescence when set alight, captivating the beholder.

3) Phuljhadi (Sparklers): Handheld conflagrations, sparklers radiate brilliance while cascading sparks and are often wielded by the younger generation. They manifest in an assortment of lengths and chromatic incarnations.

4) Sutli Bombs (Thread Firecrackers): Sutli Bombs, resembling tendrils of fire, unchain a volley of deafening reports when ignited.

5) Rockets: Firework rockets are catapulted skyward, bestowing a mesmerizing spectacle of light and sound as they burst forth at varying altitudes.

6) Ladi (Flowerpot): Ladi is also known as garland. It is a cylindrical firework that emits colorful sparks. This also resembles a blooming flower. It is a classic and elegant choice for Diwali celebrations.

7) Lakshmi Bomb: Lakshmi Bomb is a larger firework. This produces a loud explosion. It emits a dazzling display of sparks. We have named it after the goddess of wealth. It symbolizes prosperity and abundance.

8) Hydrogen Bomb: Hydrogen Bomb is a high-intensity firework. It is famous for its spectacular display of bright and colorful sparks. We prefer it to create a vibrant and dynamic atmosphere during celebrations.

10) Twinkling Stars: Twinkling Stars are small, star-shaped fireworks. They emit a soft, twinkling light. They also add a charming and whimsical touch to Diwali celebrations.

11) Ground Chakra: Ground Chakras are like Chakris but these are designed to stay on the ground. They spin rapidly and emit a mesmerizing display of sparks in a circular motion.

12) Electric Crackers: Electric Crackers are famous for their vibrant and vivid colors. They create an electrifying visual display. People choose them to add excitement and enjoyment to Diwali celebrations.

13) Multi-shot Aerials: Multi-shot Aerials are powerful fireworks. They launch many shells into the sky quickly. They create a dazzling and awe-inspiring display.

14) Color Changing Stars: Color Changing Stars are fireworks that change between different hues. They create a dynamic and visually captivating show.

15) Roman Candles: Roman Candles are long, tube-shaped fireworks. They shoot out a series of bright projectiles. They create a beautiful and continuous display of light.

16) Ground Bloom Flowers: Ground Bloom Flowers are small, ground-based fireworks. They spin rapidly while emitting a vibrant display of colorful sparks. These resemble a blooming flower.

17) Aerial Spinners: Aerial Spinners are fireworks that spin rapidly when we shoot into the sky. They create a captivating display of motion and light.

18) Flashlight Crackers: Flashlight Crackers are famous for their bright and intense flashes of light. They add a dynamic and high-energy element to the celebration.

19) Meteors: Meteors are powerful fireworks. They shoot high into the sky before bursting into a spectacular display of colors. These show sparks and effects.

20) Dragon Eggs: Dragon Eggs are small, spherical fireworks. They emit a crackling sound and a burst of sparks. These do create an exciting and dynamic visual display.

I hope, you have learnt the name of crackers with picture in English now.

The Importance of Safety During Diwali

Intelligent Selection: In navigating the labyrinth of pyrotechnic options, discernment reigns supreme. Opt for firecrackers of provenance, hailing from reputable sources and bearing the imprimatur of safety standards. Consider the virtuous path of low-emission and eco-friendly firecrackers, a choice that not only augments personal safety but serves as a shield against the looming specter of atmospheric pollution.

The Aegis of Vigilance: The ignition of firecrackers is not a matter to be trifled with. Here, the mantel of responsibility must rest with the guardians of prudence – adults. Their watchful gaze shall serve as a bulwark against inadvertent mishaps, averting the untoward involving the youthful revelers.

Expansive Environments: A spatial canvas, vast and open, forms the quintessential backdrop for firecracker festivities. Detach from combustible materials, eschew indoor ignition with unwavering resolve, and forsake densely populated alcoves. A safe buffer, separating the ignited pyrotechnics from the captive audience, emerges as the sine qua non.

Armor of Protection: Attire becomes an armor, a shield against the capricious projectiles and fleeting sparks. Enrobe yourself in long-sleeved garments, don pants of resilience, and don safety goggles. In this regalia, one stands as a sentinel against errant sparks and aerial debris.

The Dictum of Compliance: In the sacred script of firecracker safety, the manufacturer’s directives are etched in indelible ink. Not merely to peruse but to cleave to these directives is imperative. The reckless pursuit of improvisation or the craft of homemade fireworks finds itself in the annals of discouraged endeavors.

Water, the Essential Ally: In the arsenal of safety measures, water or a trusty fire extinguisher ought to stand sentinel, an ever-ready guardian against fires and the unforeseen.


In this kaleidoscope of Diwali, the hues of safety and environmental consciousness need not remain in the shadows. To partake in the effervescent celebration of firecrackers while mitigating the perils they entail and curtailing the ecological footprint of the festival, one must pledge allegiance to these principles. A Diwali that resonates with the harmonious cadence of safety and environmental responsibility is the ultimate homage to this luminous festival.

In unison, let us vow to craft our Diwali jubilations in a manner that preserves its true essence, an elation that dances in the safety of consciousness. A Joyous and Safe Diwali to All!

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