5 Ways to Think In English

      5 ways to start speaking in 5 minutes.

English learners may be facing this issue how long will it take them to start speaking like a native English speaker? The first step they take is to learn basic English grammar and sentence structure to form sentences. But after some time, they start thinking about how long will they be dependent on translation-based English. Why can’t we directly think in English? If you are also an English learner and have the same question in your mind today How to think in English and stop translating we are sharing the answer with you.

There are 5 ways to learn English faster but first, you must know how you can start thinking in English directly wherein you are no longer required to translate the sentences in your mind, you will directly speak the dice.

1) Describe the objects around you

When you have the knowledge of basic English grammar and sentence structure, there are numerous objects around you. You can easily describe them with short sentences. It helps you speak up directly without any translation. You can name them and make a sentence for each object. Doing this will help you practice more sentences and use the vocabulary you already know. It helps you keep in mind for a month of Sundays.

It is not necessary to know all the words, therefore, you can search for them on Google and learn them. It will increase your vocabulary and make you speak fluently.

For learning new words, you can download any dictionary or take the help of google. Some preferable apps are mentioned below.

A)     Cambridge dictionary

B)      Hinkhoj dictionary

C)      U– dictionary

D)     Google translate

2) Talk to yourself

One of the best ways most English teachers recommend for an immediate improvement in any language is to talk to yourself. It is an extremely effective way to improve your English without the help of any other person. It is observed that we can speak with ourselves without any hesitation or interruptions. You may have this doubt about why this happens.

This is because we know ourselves better and are quite friendly with our company. We don’t think about what others will think of us because we are just talking to ourselves. It helps you think in English and speak up to yourself and make yourself more comfortable in the English language.

You can easily practice what you have learned recently and let you find out your mistakes. This is the best way to learn anything in no time. Therefore, some best institutes for learning English recommend you practice in front of the mirror because we are our best friends.

3.       Good Think in English

When you have succeeded in the above steps successfully, the next step is to Good think in English. Now it comes to thinking in English directly and speaking without speakers. Talking to yourself removes your hesitation and increases your confidence. After reaching this stage, you are able to think in English automatically.

You have enough vocabulary and good knowledge of English grammar. You start thinking in English and start speaking directly, but you still need to continue your learning. Language learning is a life-long process, the more you practice, the sooner you learn it.

You should read story books and visit social media platforms in order to practice your English. You can read story books for beginners given below.

a) The stranger – by Alber Camus

b) It’s Okay to fail my son – by Vasant Kallola

c) Exam Warrior – by Narendra Modi

4) Keep track of your learning

It is good to learn, but it is even better to keep track of your learning. You should take note every single day of what you have learned so far. It helps you know how much you have learned and the leftover syllabus. You can even revise with the help of notes you make every day. It is also a good habit to set a goal for a day, week, or month. You can take its printout and paste it into your room. You will be satisfied to achieve your decided goals in terms of learning English. After following these golden tips you will know How to speak English without thinking.

You can use digital tools to keep track of your learning.

A) Use the mobile phone’s ‘Note app’ for Android users

B) Microsoft Word

C) Continuo – habit tracker for IOS users

5) Learn from digital portals

You should always continue your learning in order to enhance your English because it is a constant process of learning every day. According to a survey, the researchers came up with the result that humans are better and 37.58% faster learning with visualization. It helps you Train Your Brain to Think in English easily and memorize the content for a longer time period.

There are a lot of platforms available for learning English for free at home. You can start learning to lean from a beginner level to an advanced one in no time. It lets you speak from the very first day with effective teaching techniques and some technological effects. You can visit the 5 best websites for learning English online. Here are some of the best platforms to learn English online.

a) www.englishphobia.com 

b) English with Linguamarina – YouTuber for English medium

c) English talks by Kundan Sir – YouTuber for Hindi and English medium

d) BBC Learning English

Hope you knew something new in terms of learning English easier and faster! Be with us for more updates.

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