7 Tips to learn American accent pronunciation

7 Golden Tips to Command American English Pronunciation.

A language consists of four aspects listening, speaking, reading, and writing. But one more aspect of a language that is equivalent important is the way how you pronounce words. The part and parcel part of all languages is pronunciation. People love to speak and learn American English accent and sound like a native speaker. The English language has approximately 398 million native English speakers and 743 million non-native English speakers across the world. The English language stands on the first number as a universal language with almost 1140 million speakers. The American English accent has become a challenging task for non-native speakers who learn it as their second language. They try ample techniques, invest money, and waste their time, but the result never meets their expectations.

Now you need not worry let be in a hurry to stop searching for how to learn the american english accent because after reading through this article, you will need no further information for learning the American accent. In this article, you will be learning the easiest and simplest tips to learn the American English accent. Let’s get on the board!

1. List some specific words; there are some words that have totally different pronunciations in native and non-native tones. Therefore if you wish to sound like the Americans do, you must notify the way how they pronounce the words. Your observation and listening skills must be acute to conceive it. If you don’t know tips to improve English listening skills, you can search for them on Google and implement them in your life. You can practice those words over and over again by listening to them carefully. You will be soon habitual to speaking them like natives.

2. Watch animation videos; It is a legacy that females possess innate verbal wisdom and hence are proficient in learning a language even faster than a male. But males better learn with the help of visualization and orientation. It is highly beneficial to watch amination videos based on an American English accent. The videos help you to know the structure of your mouth and how to pronoun specific words correctly in an American accent. It helps you in both listening to the words and making accurate mouth posture and tongue position sound exactly like the Americans do.

3. Record your voice when you pronounce; after you have understood the process of pronouncing the words accurately, it is time to examine what you have learned so far. If you wish to know how much you have brushed up on your pronunciation. You should listen to American accent audio and use your voice recorder on your mobile phone and record it. You should make a note of the words that you mispronounce and pronounce accurately. You should practice the words you still mispronounce. When you feel like speaking exactly like the Americans do, you should again record your voice and check the way how you speak and match it with the native English speakers.

4. Use the American English Dictionary; you may not know the meaning of all the words that you come across in your daily life. It doesn’t mean you leave learning English, instead, you should find out the meaning of those words and use them in your day-to-day life. The dictionary is the best available option for you to look for the meaning. Now, this is the technological era wherein you do not need to carry thick books with you every time. You can access a dictionary in your pocket with the help of your mobile phone. It enables you to use it more easily and efficiently. If you wish to master the art of the American accent, use an online dictionary and listen to the American pronunciation of each new word you wish to learn.

5. Use American phrases and slang; one of the best ways to sound like native English speakers is to copy their American phrases and slang. When in Rome do as Romans do, it is a better way to sound like real speakers. This is the best American English accent training to learn some native phrases and slang words to make your English American English. You can visit English blogs and websites to learn this slang or even watch videos on Youtube.

6. Practice leads you to results; We all know inside out, that there are no shortcuts to the American English accent learning only constant practice with determination is the key to success, especially in terms of learning a language. In case you want to speak like native English speakers on a regular basis, you must practice it every day. If you continue doing it for a couple of days, your tongue will be accustomed to pronouncing the words like Americans.

7. Don’t wound the sound of English; every language has its own specific sound likewise English, but those who are not native English speakers might speak it in the sound of their native language. It exasperates the actual pronunciation when non-native speakers do it in a natural way hence it becomes necessary to identify the actual sound of specific words instead of using them in your own tone. You should also follow the tips how you can learn English with movies to improve your pronunciation. It helps you know the ways how professionals use their tongues to sound exactly as the natives do.

These are the most important tips to master the art of the American English accent. If you wish to enhance the level of your English language, implement them in your daily life and speak like Native Americans. Here is the list of words you should go through once in order to understand the meaning accurately.


Grammar origin


Part and parcel


very important



A lot of

Brush up on



Over and over again



When in Rome, do as Romans do


Follow the traditions of a place

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