7 ways to apologize differently

Mistakes are the natural behavior of human life. We all have done something wrong and made mistakes once in life. When it comes to apologizing, we say sorry. If we are at the workplace and spill a glass of water so simply, we say sorry.  Sometimes, constantly using a sorry word, seems a little less meaningful. There are so many places and work where we need to apologize in different ways which shows your sincerity and professionalism. If you are in the office so, what can be the different ways to apologize professionally?

You should use some professional slang words while saying sorry or apologizing. There are so many Grammar checker tools that help to identify and correct the use of phrases if you are new to learning English, these tools will enhance your professionalism and knowledge of slang words, and phrases. Writing and speaking are two different parts of English, and both have different slang for apologizing that makes it more meaningful for you to apologize.

There are several slang words or different ways to apologize in the English language. Which will be useful not only for the English language but also make you professional. Apologizing is a very good behavior in life. It shows how much you are responsible for the mistake and it creates a positive impact.

7 ways to apologize in different ways

The loopholes are integral to human behavior, but how you confess, apologize, and reform it makes a difference. We must have knowledge of another word for sorry or apologize at the workplace, at school, and in any event. Where should we use formal and informal slang words? Phrases and slang words are a very important part of life which increase our command of the English language as well as vocabulary. Basically in this article, you are going to learn how to apologize without saying sorry in business and professional writing.

1. My Apologies It is used in a formal way to apologize for something. Usually, it is used for business purposes. If you have done something wrong or want to express regret to someone. So, my apologies are the correct word it makes more meaning full your empathy and regret. It shows how much you are responsible for whatever you have done.

 – The Institute sent a letter of apology for the interruption caused by them.

– “My apologies” I didn’t want to hurt you.

2. Excuse Me “Excuse me” is constantly used by people to show “Sorry”. It is a polite word to say sorry. If you are attending a meeting and you want to say something so, normally you can use “Excuse me”. It shows the polite way of asking for forgiveness. If you want to ask something in the classroom or workplace so “Excuse me” work can be used. It shows your professionalism too. – “Excuse me” could you give me your pen? – Excuse me I want to say something about this topic.

3. I take full responsibility for my actions I take full responsibility for my actions showing regret and empathy for something. It is more formal than I’m sorry. It creates a positive impact on you, and it is used formally. You couldn’t do my work on time so, you can say “I take full responsibility for my action” This phrase is constantly used in school or workplaces.

– You should learn to take full responsibility for your actions.

– I take full responsibility for my actions it happened due to wrong information which I have gotten from my friends.

4. I owe you an apology – It shows that you have done something wrong inadvertently now, you are sorry. It is quite an informal word that can be used at an event or party. It is also a great example to say sorry to someone in an educated manner. Everyone wants an apology if a person has done something it shows he will be aware in future to don’t repeat the same mistake and he is sorry. – I owe you an apology for what I have done at the party.

– You owe him an apology for misjudging him in the meeting.

5. Pardon/Pardon Me/I Beg Your Pardon If you wish to know what to say instead of sorry in an email, this phrase is used in a polite way. When one has made a mistake or for being impolite to someone so, I beg your pardon is used. It is used in a formal way. If you have to ask somebody to repeat whatever he said, but you didn’t listen so, you can ask his pardon.

-“Pardon” can you repeat the sentence?

– I beg your pardon, your answer was right.

6. Sorry about that It is used when one has to say sorry for minor mistakes. You did something wrong, but it is not too serious so, sorry that could be used. – I am sorry about that, I also had to face difficulties while finding the answer. – If anyone is hurt, sorry about that.

7. I eat humble pie – it is an idiomatic expression for apologizing. It is just another word for sorry or apologizing. This phrase is used when someone has done something wrong that he shouldn’t have done by him. This slang is commonly used when one has hurt someone’s feelings.

– I eat humble pie for being impolite with my best friends.

– I eat humble pie to leave you alone.

I hope you liked the best way to say sorry in a text and many more phrases that will help you to use the right phrases and it will increase your English learning too. The best way to learn English is to use phrases and advanced vocabulary. While speaking or writing use of these different ways of apologies can make you a professional and sound more like a native speaker.

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