Future Indefinite Tense Exercise and Examples

Are you an English learner and do you want to share your upcoming plans with your friends but have no idea how to do it?

In this article, we are going to learn the rule of future indefinite tense and instances where we can use it with examples and exercises.

We will learn how to describe any upcoming or futuristic incidents or action plans in this tense. Although all the tenses are very important to learn English yet this is one of the easiest and most useful tenses in English grammar.

It is a very interesting and quite simple tense to use. Even beginners can make an impression on the audience by using this tense so let’s dive into the deep knowledge about the future indefinite tense.

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What is the helping verb of future indefinite tense?

The future indefinite tense helping verb is a modal auxiliary verb “Will”. We take the help of two model verbs “will and shall”. We do not have any specific words to display the futuristic actions. These days we only use ‘Will’ and avoid using ‘Shall’.

When to use Future Indefinite Tense

1. Show upcoming actions; whenever you wish to share your futuristic plans, always use this tense.

2. Adverbs of time; with some adverbs of time such as tomorrow, overmorrow (the day after tomorrow), next Monday, next year, next class, after two years, after some time, soon, after a while, etc.

3. Conditional clause; the conditional clause can never be in the future tense, but its result always falls in this tense.

4. Future dates; 2025, April 5, 2023, etc.

5. Future prediction; by 9 o’clock, by tonight, by evening.

How to form sentences

The future indefinite tense rule is very simple and easy to use. Since we take the help of a model verb to form sentences in this tense. Therefore we always use the first form of the verb (V1) with it.

How to form assertive sentences

All the subjects (singular & plural) + Will + V1 (present form)

Traditional Use of Future Indefinite Tense

Things keep changing with time similarly, with the future indefinite tense. We use both Will and shall to make sentences in the future.



I, We


he, it, they, you, or other subjects



Let’s look at the future indefinite tense examples in traditional English given below.

1. I shall go to Mumbai next month.

2. He will finish this work by tonight.

3. We shall meet each other tomorrow.

4. The students will have enough time after exams.

5. I shall visit my relatives in July.

Modern Use of Future Indefinite Tense

Nowadays, we avoid using ‘Shall’ in the future tense we often use will for it.


Modal Verb

I, We, She, He, It, They, You, or other subjects


Let’s look at the future indefinite tense examples in modern English given below.

1. They will learn German next year.

2. People will always be worried about life.

3. She will attend the meeting soon.

5. People of India will make it the cleanest county.

How to form Negative sentences

The formula of future indefinite tense in negative sentences is here!

All the subjects (singular & plural) + Will not + V1 (present form)

1. I will not interrupt you in class.

2. Your fair-weather friend will never leave you in hardships.

3. We will not talk to him, come what may.

4. They will not come to attend the class tomorrow.

5. People will never understand your feelings.

How to Form interrogative sentences

The future indefinite interrogative sentence follows the same rule as other interrogative sentences.

W.H.F (Question word) + Will + Subject + V+ other words + ?

1. What will you do to learn English?

2. When will she come from Delhi?

3. Where will you be after 3 years?

4. How will they complete the test?

5. Why will you help me?

6. Which topic will you prepare for the viva?

7. Who will evaluate my project?

8. Whose permission will you need to go out?

9. Whom will you meet at the party?

10. Whence will you bring the money? (From where)

Conditional Clause in the future tense

There are two parts of the sentences in the conditional clause.

1. Condition

2. Outcome

According to the rule, a condition can never fall in the future tense, but its result will always reflect in the future indefinite sentence. Follow the steps to use conditional clauses in your sentences.

Words to show conditional clause – If, until, till, provided, in case

The sentences with these words if, until, till, provided, in case are conditional clauses while the other sentences will be principal clauses.

Conditional clause (present tense)           principal clause (the future indefinite tense)

1. If he learns English, he will have an armchair job.

2. In case it rains, he will not come here.

3. He will start the work till the client pays him off.

4. He will help you if you give him money.

5. If they go to school, they will get knowledge.

6. I don’t sleep until my father comes home.

7. The bank will give you a loan provided you return it with interest.

8. If you challenge me, I will finish this project by night.

Future prediction

We predict some actions without any surety in the future tense. We are not sure whether the action takes place or not.

Words to specify; by 9 o’clock, by tonight, by evening

1. I will write this article by 4 o’clock. (not sure if can write)

2. He will return from the office by evening.

3. They will pass graduation by the end of this year.

4. the company will earn a huge profit by next year.

5. My best friend will become the manager after a few months.

Congratulation! You have gone through all the uses and rules. The future indefinite tense exercise is waiting for you here.

1.He will _____ to America next year.

2. People will always ________ problem in their life.

3. They will _______ very happy to see us there.

4. We will ________ graduation by 2025.

5. I will ______ her soon.

6. He will not _______ here tomorrow.

7. What will you ______ to learn English?

8. I will not _______ ready to work with them.

9. Narendra Modi will _____ the election in 2025.

10. Akash will _____ English soon.

11. They will always ____ our best friends, come what may.

12. He will _______ in this company for 2 years.

13. She will _______from America next month.

14. In case it rains, he will not ________ here.

15. I will not ______ until my father comes.

16. One day, all of us will _______ successful.

17. The bank will _____ you a loan provided you return it with interest.

18. If you practice hard, you will _____ English soon.

19. You will surely ______ your parents proud.

20.They will ______ sad because they will _____ problems in life.

Kindly comment on your score in the comment box.


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