How To Start Learning Content Writing For Beginners From Home?

What is content writing?

You probably know about the term ‘Digital Marketing. Content writing is one of the highest demanding skills at the present time in digital marketing. The research conducted by the world’s top leading digital marketing companies shows unbelievable results that the content writing jobs are almost 47.57% in comparison to all digital marketing jobs. It is a very engaging job and requires determination, commitment, and dedication. The responsibility of a content writer is to provide the readers with valuable content, research the data, be creative, and use an understandable way of writing.

Who can learn content writing?

Content writing is the outcome of generating influential thoughts, research for the required data from various platforms, and interest in writing, and knowledge of English grammar some Content writing skills. Anybody who desires to come into this domain is eligible to learn it easily. It doesn’t require any specific educational background or minimum qualification to learn content writing. It just requires interest, time, and dedication to improve every time you write. After learning content writing you will know how to write a high-quality SEO article easily.

How can you learn content writing?

There are a lot of ways to learn content writing. This is a technological era that makes it easy to learn anything. People who are from different domains love to learn it. They always search for How to learn content writing at home because they don’t have much to take offline classes. If you are also one to pursue your passion for learning content writing, you are some easy tips are tricks for your assistance.

Types of Content Writing

There can be many types of content writing, but we can categorize them in mainly 3 parts.

1.         Business writing

2.         Technical writing

3.         Academic writing

Professional Courses for content writing

Learning has been upgraded with the help of orientation and visualization with the passage of time. There are professional courses also from various platforms that one can do to start one’s full-time career in the content writing domain. All of these are the Best content writing courses that are verified, trusted, and created by the top professional content writers.

1) ECT (Education and Career Times)

The Education and Career Times training organizing institute has recognized the government. The ETC institute provides you with theoretical knowledge about the concepts along with practicing on real projects to revamp your learning. The content writing certificate provided by The ETC institute is worldwide acceptable. It provides the learners with many courses as follows;

Digital Marketing

Content writing

Communication skills

Personality development

It is well-versed in a content writing course with a vast content curriculum that includes a lot of main topics.

Content Writing Curriculum

Introduction to content writing

Vocabulary improvement

General English grammar

Use of writing tools

Creative fiction and non-fiction style

Monetization of writing ability

Business writing

Academic writing

Technical writing

2) Digital Academy 360

Digital Academy 360 aims at delivering high-quality and industry-based training at a very affordable cost. It charges a very low fee so that anyone who wishes to learn content writing can learn it. Its curriculum comprises 8 different modules. These 8 modules will help to learn content writing for beginners.

         Internet skills

         Language skills

         Content strategy

         Business and marketing writing

         Academic writing

         Technical and research writing

         Creative writing

         More than 50 writing tools

One of the best things about Digital Academy 360 is that it provides 100% job assistance. A team of experts will teach you how to get international projects to work for writing freely.

Content Writing for Free

The list of courses doesn’t end here only. There are a lot of online platforms where you can learn content writing free of cost.

1. Udemy: Essentials of Writing Content

2. LinkedIn: Content Marketing and Blogging for Business

3. Coursera: Writing and Editing Specialization

4. HubSpot: Content Strategy Course

5. SkillShare: Editing and Proofreading Masterclass

6. Coursera: High-Impact Business Writing

7. SkillShare: So You Want to Be a Freelance Writer?

8. Udemy: Secret Sauce of Great Writing

9. Coursera: The Strategy of Content Marketing

10. Udemy: How To Make a Living Writing Articles

11. Henry Harvin: Technical Writing Course

12. Udemy: How to Start a Writing Business From Home

13. Elna Cain: Get Paid to Write

These are the free courses provided by the different online platforms. If you were worried about how to start content writing from home, you should start with one of these courses as per your preference.

When you have completed any of the above courses, you start looking for some easily endorsable content. Here are some Content writing examples for beginners. These are quite easy ones to start with. You should read more and more articles and improve your writing skills and English grammar.

1. Write about 5 things that a writer likes

2. What motivated you to learn content writing

3. 5 books everybody must read at least once

4. Write about 5 things content writers must know

5. Write about the 10 best websites for content writers

These are some topics to start writing during your content writing course or after you have finished it. One thing I must say is that improvement comes with constant practice and implementation of learning daily.

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