These Grammar Tips will surely make you Smart

Apply these tips to sound like native English speakers.

These days, people are very crazy to be smart, looking smart, and sounding smart. Smartness is the order of the day. We love doing activities that are quite prominent in Western countries just for being smart in our country. Similarly, we are adapting ourselves to their culture, attire, food, and language. But do we really know how to be smart? If you wish to know about real smartness, continue reading this article.

We assure you of your being perfectly smart in actual life. It doesn’t mean how you live, what you wear, or which country you are from. It is even beyond all this and it is how you spend your day.

Here are some English grammar tips to make you sound classy and smart. You must learn them if you wish to stand out from the crowd in no time.

Use contractions:- If you are not from an English-speaking county, but you know this language very well. I am sure that the way you speak it is quite different from the native English speaks. Do you know why it happens to you? Well, it is not only with you, thousands of speakers are on the same page with you in this regard.

You need not worry, we have something unique for your betterment here. You should start using these tips and they will transform your way of speaking and writing.

Start using contractions: In case you are not aware of what contractions are, let me tell you in an easy way. It is a short form of your helping verb whether you use it with your subject or your helping verb. You must have learned the basic grammar rules if not go ahead to know it.

For example,

You will go to the market tonight. (Simple use)

You’ll go to the market tonight. (Contraction use)

I am very busy right now. (Simple use)

I’m very busy right now. (Contraction use)

She had an extremely hectic day. (Simple use)

She’d had an extremely hectic day. (Contraction use)

Likewise, if you would like to make your English more professional and sound just like native speakers do, apply this new thing to your everyday life. It will surely give your English a tremendous experience.

You probably think about how many grammar rules in English are there for contractions, there are a lot of contraction forms available in the English language. I hope you have an idea about contraction by now. I am going to share a large list of words with their contractions forms. You can go through it and start using them. You may find some words same or similar, and they might confuse you in the beginning, but by the end of this list, you will have a clear understanding.

Let’s hurry up now!

Here is a list of some useful contractions. You can categorize contractions into two categories.

      1. Positive (I am = I’m)

      2. Negative They will not = they won’t


Contraction Form Positive

Contraction Form Negative

I will


I won’t

She is


She isn’t

They are


They aren’t

She has


She hasn’t

We had


We hadn’t

They have


They haven’t

These are some examples of contractions, you should use in your language.

Use Idiomatic expressions: this term may seem unknown to you. Native speakers use some idiomatic expressions when they speak or write. Similarly, you should also learn some of them if you wish to sound like them.

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For example,

Fighting against corruption is a difficult problem. (Simple use)

Fighting against corruption is a hard nut to crack. (Idiomatic expression)

Idiomatic expressions sound impressive and can make sentences easy and interesting. You should learn some idioms. You can go through these idioms given below.

My father is the most important person in our family. (Simple use)

My wife is all in all in our family. (Idiomatic expression)

He wants a job with a good income with no work. (Simple use)

He wants an armchair job. (Idiomatic expression)

1.  Apple of discord – a reason for dispute

Getting married in the outer caste is an apple of discord for her family.

2. Apple of one’s eye – very loveable person

I am an apple of my mother’s eye.

She is an apple of my eye.

3. A white elephant – costly but useless

If you want to buy an I-phone, it will be a white elephant.

4. Be born with a silver spoon in one’s mouth – to be born in a rich family

I was not born with a silver spoon in my mouth.

5. Bite one’s lips – control one’s anger

Not all can bite their lips every time.

It is a very good habit to bite our lips.

6. Cat and dog life  – troublesome life

Arrange married people generally live a cat and dog life.

7. Eat humble pie – to apologize

I always eat humble pie for my mistakes.

8. Halcyons days – peaceful days

People always miss their halcyons days.

9. In black and white – in written form 

Indian constitution is available in black and white.

He gave me his resignation in black and white.

10. Keep one’s word – keep one’s promises 

A gentleman always keeps his word.

11. Lady’s man – a person who likes the company of women

He is a lady’s man.

12. Make a mountain out of a molehillto make exaggerate the minor problem

Politicians make a mountain out of a molehill during elections for victory. 

These are some of the common idioms that native people use it. You can use these grammar rules for writing an essay or for general speaking and make your English impressive. 

If you have any doubts please let us know at any time. We are always here to uphold you at any time.


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