Tips How You Can Learn English With Movies

Learning a language with movies sounds very interesting and enjoyable. Every language requires dedication, determination, consistency, and a lot of practice for learning. We are living in the 21st century that’s why we have a lot of options to learn English. People have a perception if they want to learn a second language. It requires English classes, well environment and so much practice with grammatical rules. You can learn English by watching movies with English subtitles could improve your language and communication skills too. Movies could be an amazing option for learning English which will not only give you a chance to learn English but also get to know the culture and real-life context through a visual medium.

If you are living in a country where English is a second language so, it is difficult to learn English easily. English is the official language of around 69 counties in the world. When I grew up, I faced many problems like not getting real-life examples and the environment. I used to watch movies in my native language or according to my interest. I knew it later that it was one of the best ways to learn English. When I got to know the importance of movies and how I can utilize it to learn the language, I kept trying to find new and interesting movies. There are some ways in which we follow them we can learn the English language as a secondary language. I will share Movies for learning English free download options with preferred categories.

5 interesting ways to learn English with movies

While watching a movie requires some step or effort which can lead you to advance learning skills. There are many ways of making notes, pausing the videos in case of difficult vocabulary or phrases, using subtitles, and divided into short parts, which can help you to learn English faster with quality. Here, I’m going to share some important rules that can be very effective to learn English.

To get real-life context

Movies are the mirror of our society which give real examples of human behavior. When we watch a movie, it provides visual graphics which create interest whether it is not a part of our interest. If you like adventure or technology so, you can watch movies. You can see rivers, forests, trees, and different types of weather virtually. It is a different method from what we learn in school or high classes. We used to take movies as a distraction because it was time taking. But when we try to start relating the real-life incident to a movie scene, ultimately, we take an interest and learn.

Use of subtitles while watching movies

It is one of the effective methods of learning while watching movies we can turn on the subtitle option or we can download it externally via the internet. It is quite interesting because we have to focus not only on the story and visual graphics but also on subtitles. Reading subtitle improves our communication skills with advanced idioms and phrases. Sometimes, it is difficult to understand all the sentences due to fast conversation or difficult vocabulary. So, we can pause the video and search for its meaning. On the other hand, we can choose animation videos because it is a little bit easy to understand.

Native accent with a variety of movies

As we know English is one of the most prepared languages for communication. The English language has more words compared with most languages. We often heard about the American accent or the British accent. When we want to learn a specific accent, movies are the best option for learning an accent. It gives a chance to hear the proper pronunciation as well as the accent of words.

If we watch movies on Netflix or Amazon Prime, we can customize the languages while watching especially, in animated movies. If you want to learn a second language accent, movies are an amazing option. In addition, movies include so many songs which lead us to understand the exact meaning of the word in different types of accents.

Making mental or written notes

Self-prepared notes are always the best option for learning. Those who are new learners can make physical notes and try to save them where they can access them easily in the long run. There can be two types of methods of notes, mental and written to learn English with movies for beginners. When you watch movies, you must find some new vocabulary and phrases. You should write it down on paper or try to remember which will help you to make sentences while communicating or in day-to-day life.

Select the movies wisely

We start watching movies but after some time they will be boring because movies are time taking. You can choose a movie selection wisely. If you like horror, adventure, sci-fi, romance, and comedy so, you can download or watch online according to your interest. Now, we don’t have to waste our time finding adventure or comedy movies, we have a lot of options on Google or an online streaming platform. We just simply have to type the movie’s category name we will get a long list of movies.

Best movies for learning English

There is a large list of movies according to the categories, but these are some best movies that I have personally watched and found interesting too. These movies could be downloaded by the internet just type the movie’s name or watched it on a live streaming platform like Netflix, or stream shark. Additionally, you can even visit the best websites for learning English. You can include some animation movies or short movies for learning English.


  1.  Lightyear
  2. Thirteen lives
  3. Jurassic world dominion
  4. The Northman
  5. Uncharted


  1. The trip
  2. Local hero
  3. The Philadelphia Story
  4. The heartbreak kid
  5. The gold rushes


  1.  Interstellar
  2. Terminator
  3.   Avengers
  4.   Inception
  5.   Harry Potter

These movies are based on advanced technology and science which can lead you to know science-related facts or knowledge. These are the best movies to learn English for Indians because English is the second language in India. You must find some interest after watching the movies with subtitles. Movies are always time taking, if you don’t have must time to watch so you can divide movies into segments. Having knowledge of a second language always opens the door to many opportunities in my professional life as well as in my personal life. There is no limit to learning, we should combine our interest with learning just including some minor changes that will make you a great personality.

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