Top Countries to Study Abroad For Free

Top Countries to Study Abroad For Free

Do you dream to study abroad for free? You may have plans to study in an English speaking country. But the high fees put a full stop in your career. This is how you can learn English faster while living abroad.

You will be at moon nine. Do you believe that you have to pay no fees for it? You can pursue your higher studies at free of cost. Well, you’re in luck! There are some countries that offer free education to students from other countries.

In this article, we will talk about these countries and how they can be great places to study.

If you’re interested in studying for free in an English-speaking country. Keep reading to find out which countries are the best for you!

Importance of education for foreign students

Education is important for students from other countries.  It helps them learn new things and gain knowledge. Studying abroad provides different cultures experience. Foreign students can make friends from around the world. They can learn from their international friends and share their own culture.

Education opens up more job opportunities in the future. Studying in a different country helps students grow. It broadens their horizons and expands their perspective. Education prepares them for a successful future. Omit, education for foreign students is valuable and life-changing.


Free education in Germany for Indian students is easy now. Germany offers free education to Indian students. They can go to famous universities with great teaching. There is no money to pay for classes. This is for both bachelors’ and masters’ degrees in many subjects.

Some universities in Germany have classes in English. This helps students who don’t speak German. There may be a little money to pay for other things. But the schools focus on research to make learning better.

Most classes are in German, but more English classes are available.

No Tuition Fees: In Germany, students don’t have to pay money to go to school. They can learn for free.

Administrative Fees: Sometimes, students need to pay a little money. It includes paperwork and other important things at school. It ranges from €250-350.

Language of Instruction: In Germany, most classes are in German. But there are more and more classes in English too. They students who don’t speak German can attend.

Increasing English-Taught Programs: German schools are starting to have more classes in English. This helps students who speak English better than German. They can learn and understand their lessons.


Norway free education for Indian students is a very good option. It has beautiful landscapes. Indian students can study there for free. Public universities in Norway don’t charge tuition fees. This is for students from all countries. It includes bachelors’ and master’s degrees. They provide subjects to study. Norway also offers scholarships to help with living expenses. This makes it affordable for Indian students to study abroad for free.

1) Free Tuition: It means you don’t have to pay money for going to school.

2) Extra Charges: There are some other small payments you have to make for other things. A semester fee ranging from NOK 300-600 (approximately US$33-66) may apply.

3) Language of Instruction: Most programs are Norwegian.

4) Increasing English-Taught Programs: More schools are starting to teach classes in English. It will help non English students to learn and understand better.


Finland has a great education system. Indian students can study there for free. They can get their undergraduate degrees without paying money. It is a good chance for Indian students. They can learn a lot from practical activities. They also do research and make new things. It is a good experience for Indian students. Scholarships are available to help with costs. Indian students can study in Finland easily. It’s a good place to learn and make new friends.

1) EU/EEA Students and Swiss Citizens: Public universities provides free tuition in Finland.

2) International Students (Outside EU/EEA and Switzerland): Required to pay tuition fees.

3) Tuition Fee Range: Fees range from €6,000 to €12,000.

4) Language of Instruction: The majority of programs are in Finnish or Swedish.

5) Growing Availability of English-Taught Programs: Increasing number of programs.

Here’s a table listing more countries wherein you can study abroad for free. To foreign students, along with brief specifications:


Free Education Teaching Language

Extra Information


All Students Swedish/English

Tuition-free education for international students at public universities.


All Students Danish/English Public universities offer free tuition for international students.
Austria EU/EEA, Swiss Citizens German/English

Free tuition for EU/EEA and Swiss citizens.

Czech Republic

All Students Czech/English Some programs are tuition-free, but others may have tuition fees for international students.
Slovenia EU/EEA Students Slovenian/English

Tuition-free education for EU/EEA students, while international students have tuition fees.


All Students Portuguese

Public universities offer free tuition for all students, including international students.


Indian students have options to study in countries like Germany and Denmark for free. These English-speaking countries with free education provide best opportunities. When you study in an English-speaking country. It helps you learn the language better. Because you will learn how foreigners use these tricks to learn English. They make it easier to fit in with the other students. It means that Indian students can go to school without lots of money. They can learn many new things and have a great education.

Norway, Finland, and Denmark are fantastic places to study. Indian students can find scholarships. It will help them with their expenses. This makes their education more affordable. Indian students can start an exciting educational journey. It can lead to a successful future.

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