Understanding Context is Important for International students

People are filled with immense abilities and capabilities of learning anything. Many people have a keen interest in learning a foreign language. The reason for learning the language may differ from one to another but one can never learn it effortlessly. Students desire higher studies from foreign countries. This is one of the most common reasons for them to learn a foreign language. They wish to go to the USA and get enrollment for their preferred courses, but “when we are in Rome, do as Romans do”. I simply mean to say that when they go to other countries, they should learn their culture, language, and rituals. This surely helps them to finish their learning efficiently and productively.

Experts articulate that international students need to understand the context in the United States in case they wish to be successful in their studies. The context means to them is the situation wherein something happens to them and they have to choose an appropriate word choice.

English Language Center Provides English Training

English language Center’s director Dr. Susas from Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee does emphasize that this training institute provides English training to international students. She also explained the importance of culture and context and focused on word participation and how they are connected to academic success.

The word participation can have various meanings for students from different parts of the world. For some, participation meaning can be listening carefully, but for some, it can be speaking quickly even without giving others a chance to participate. The expectation for participation can differ from a student’s and a professor’s perspective.

Prepare to study in the U.S.

How can international students prepare to study better in the United States?

Dr. Barone suggests that the students proactively think about all the aspects of their language learning abilities apart from academic proficiency. The students must pay attention to their input and output learning. It means focusing on how efficient they are in speaking and understanding everyday conversations other than writing examinations.

Knowing their areas of expertise helps them to get assistance when they are in the United States. They can be facilitated in private institutions and public universities. As there is a great number of students who participate in language learning in public universities which makes it is difficult for them to provide personal attention and individual tutoring facilities for all international students.

Dr. Barone also shares that students should learn to use vocabulary, make correct expressions, and have impressive writing which are parts of language learning. They can be able to speak and talk to one another in the classroom or practice their language whenever they are free after their work. Students from similar backgrounds will be more interested in such conversations.

Institutions for language support in American Colleges

The director of The Oberlin College and Conservatory from Ohio added that they have been providing general English language support in the colleges to international students for many years. You also have options for providing assistance to music students in their domain so that they can succeed in their music studies and enhance their performance. This is not the only way of providing students with English language training. There are some universities that help you in many fields in order to acquire your targets.

Purdue University

Purdue University is one of the largest universities in India with approximately 50,000 students and around 23.84% of students are international. This university helps students by providing cultural language training in the United States. Accents training is also an important part of their training modules for international students to help them understand the way how people from around the world speak the same language differently.

An intercultural research specialist Dr. Jan has also been an international student. She is working at Purdue University and is Korean – Chinese. She shared her own experience as an international student and how important it is for students to know the context inside and out wherein they are currently present. She also emphasized that students should increase the time to spend with American students in groups to know the culture better and practice their language and understand their accents better and try to imitate them.

Immersion in the local culture is mandatory

Jan suggested that the habit of learning makes you successful, thus students must indulge themselves in learning the United States culture to know it better and learn closely. They will have tons of opportunities and resources for them in these universities. The current time you have is the most important opportunity that one gets at once only in one’s life so try to be engaged in it and enjoy each moment in life. People must immerse themselves in other cultures for learning and observing purposes only. We must acquire knowledge of other cultures and share it worldwide so that people from other parts of the world would also come to know it and may accept it for sure.

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