5 Books everybody must read at least at once

Although we are presently living in an immensely hectic world wherein people don’t have enough time for family and friends, they do make some time for reading. The books are always available for you with no demands and no complaints relationship. The most successful persons in the world like A.P.J Abdul Kamal, Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, Ratan Tata, Bill Gates, and many more have been accustomed to reading books. There are numerous methods available in the market to improve your English skills yet one of the most crucial methods is by reading books. We know that there can be no better friend than a book itself. Reading books not only enriches your knowledge but also helps you enhance your proficiencies and makes you more proficient. Here are the 5 best books to read in life at least at once in your entire journey.

1) The Bhagavad Gita: – The Bhagavad Gita is not only a book but also a gist of one’s entire journey of life, assumed to be written by Lord Krishna himself. There are 18 lessons in the book wherein the conversation perpetuates between Arjun and Lord Krishna at the time of the Mahabharata Battle. It expresses the ways of self-realization, devotion, assurance, belief in God, and carrying out Karma willingly. Lord Krishna reveals the unnoted facts of life beyond our comprehensiveness, the difference between the harsh reality and illusions of all human beings’ existence as a unified extension of the divine path for Arjun. He demonstrates the coherence of liberation and the vicious circle of rebirth and death along with the necessity of our presence on the Earth with some sort of accountability.

2) Life without limits:- This book is a rich source of self-inspiration written by a motivational speaker Mr. Nick Vujicic. It keeps the strength to completely transform your thoughts into a positive attitude. In case your life abounds with disabilities, setbacks, unsuccessfulness, depression, and failure, this book is definitely for you. It gives you an unprecedented direction in your life and gives you ample reasons for self-enjoyment, happiness, generosity, and helpfulness. While reading these books, you can reform your abilities and amalgamate the lost confidence and a new excitement for doing something great in life despite all the misery that can no longer affect your life.

3) The Alchemist:- The Alchemist is a storybook written by Paulo Coelho. It is a story of a shepherd who aspires after traveling the whole world due to the lack of money. He starts his journey as a shepherd with a herd of sheep from Andalusia. On his journey, he occasionally has the same dreams that he gets interpreted with the help of a lady as a prophecy. She tells the boy that he will find a treasure in the Pyramids. He looks after it inexhaustibly and loses all the peace of life. This book introduces a man to himself in the pursuit of luxury. He loses the time that he has, just to desire for the unwanted wishes.

4) The power of the subconscious mind:- This book is written by Mr. Joseph Murphy to reveal the hidden secrets of our subconscious mind for the sake of unimaginable outcomes. Joseph talks about many miracles in his book and all of them clearly emphasize the infinite healing power of our subconscious mind which may seem unbelievable to you at first. He claims that our mind abounds with supernatural powers, but we need to make it realize and it starts working according. The basic fundamental of our subconscious mind works almost similarly, if you have a negative thought, it will give you the same outcome, and for a positive one, it will transform your life and fill it with immense prosperity and euphoria.

5) It’s Okay to fail my son: It is a fictitious book written by Vasant Kallola. This book shows a remarkable relationship between a father and a son. Rahul empathizes with his son and alleviates his grievances for a failure in life with his words, “It’s okay to fail my son”. It is sarcasm in this world with high expectations of people from their children in a cutthroat competitive era. Every child does not need to be alike in academics. “Every child is full of talents, but does need a perfect vision to examine it”. Presently the world requires a father like Rahul who doesn’t humiliate his son for his failure even though he strengthens him for the upcoming challenges and hopes for permanent success for his son.

Books have always been a blessing for readers to transfer knowledge from one generation to another one. I have mentioned the most life-changing books to read for knowledge enhancement, a better vision of life, and to learn English.

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