How to Write a High-Quality SEO Article in Less Than an Hour

Writing is not an easy task for it necessarily takes years of practice along with profound knowledge of a particular field, therefore, content writers have always been in high demand, but if you are a beginner in this field and wish to write like a professional content writer, this article is definitely for you. There are 10 super amazing techniques to give your content a professional look. If writing appeals to you, continue reading this article.

 1.   Find a demanding topic:- current topics certainly attract the attention of views. If you wish to have your blog post a lot of views, make sure you choose a current and demanding topic as per your website niche. The readers like reading regular updates about recent topics, therefore, they will surely visit your page. 

    2.    Search for related keywords:  Presently, a lot of people search for the best way to learn English, you can use it as a keyword. The appropriate keywords are the foundation of an SEO-friendly article. There are numerous helpful online tools for keyword search available for searching keywords easily for free. You should always search the keywords related to your topic so that whenever people search about them, your article may get ranked and reflected at first for the readers.

     3.   Use the keywords wisely:- Searching the keywords is not all that an SEO-friendly article requires, but the writer must ensure the perfect use of the selected keywords else the result may be beyond your expectations. You are advised not to use a lot of keywords together because this may give the viewers bored feelings.

    4.    Keep an appropriate length:- The length of your article really and truly matters to the readers. It should be according to the readability level so that the viewers may neglect your post for a higher length of words. Always try to write precise and concise writing because these days, people don’t possess much time to read a lengthy article. According to research, the data demonstrates that 73.56% of readers prefer an average article of 800 to 1200 words. 

    5.   Use headings and subheadings:- Giving main headings and subheadings makes your post even more beautiful. This gives the readers a hint of what the facts would be inside this heading and they can go through it easily. This process gives your post a proper dimension and makes it look even better. 

     6. Insert links for previous posts:- If you write a post related to any previous articles that you have already written before you can insert its link with the help of the hyperlink feature. This will lead the readers to that post too and makes it even stronger and magnetize the viewers for both posts. 

     7.    Make a creative title:-  One of the most important steps to writing an SEO-friendly article is to think of a creative title that the viewers can’t help visiting your page repeatedly for the sake of titles. It must be attractive enough to have the readers’ attention and strike their minds. This is the most effective way to drag the viewers easily.

     8.    Grammarly:-  In case you don’t know advanced English Grammar rules, you don’t need to worry about it. This is a free online tool to find your grammatically erroneous sentences and replace them with an appropriate correction as per the sense. It is a very effective tool for writers as it hardly takes one minute to examine your article and show satisfactory results. It tool corrects all mistakes, inappropriate words, punctuation marks, wrong usage of tense, articles, and many more. 

    9.   Thesaurus:- It is an online tool for searching for a suitable vocabulary for your post. It abounds with numerous words that give your site customers engagement and better performance results related to the same word as a synonym and also an antonym.  

   10.  Examination thoroughly:– After completion of your post, you must self-evaluate it and reform the loopholes before publishing it. If you are unable to find out the errors, you can take the help of your superiors or any online tool for it. The article must be free from grammatical errors as it gives the readers a negative aspect thus they won’t wish to visit your page again.

  Plagiarism checker for free:– An SEO-friendly article needs to be completely plagiarism-free. After being evaluated the post, go for the plagiarism checker once if you know about it follow the below guidelines 

  • Access any internet surfing browser
  • Search for “Plagiarism Checker”
  • Click the first result you see as a result
  • Paste your article and click on Check Plagiarism
  • In case this results in 100% unique, proceed to post it

These are the tips to write an SEO-friendly article for a beginner content writer. Follow them to write professional content and commence your career in this highly demanding field.

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