Before learning any language you must know these facts

Languages in World

Language learning is one of the mesmerizing experiences people may have in their lives. You will be completely surprised to know that there are approximately 7109 languages spoken across the globe. The importance of language learning is indescribable in words. Each language has its own culture and significance to beatify and diversify the world. Do you agree that learning a language is like falling in love? I do agree with this fact. It is even more fascinating than falling in love to learn a language.

Language is Love

People learn different languages during school and college, but do they really know the best way to learn English? They have various reasons to learn it as an academic subject, hobby, compulsion, study in foreign or as a better career opportunity. The reason may be different, but it does make you stand out from the crowd. Sooner or later you fall in love with a language you like the most. It requires your attention, time, love, and concentration more than your partner does. You don’t have to be loyal to it and give as much time as you wish to spend with your lover. It will always be with you and give you many career options.

Languages Category

There are five categories for the languages. There are a lot of languages in the world some are easy while some are average or some are very difficult to learn. You can see how long it can take you to learn a language as per your choice. People who learn a language falling in love with it like their partner are even faster in learning it and have good knowledge of it.

Category 1. It includes languages closely related to English. It takes approximately 23-24 weeks and 575-600 hours.







Category 2. It includes a language that is almost similar to English. It takes almost 30 weeks with 750 hours.


Category 3. It includes languages that are culturally different from English;




Category 4. It includes languages with totally different linguistic and or various cultural differences from English.










It includes languages that are extremely difficult for English speakers.


Cantonese (Chinese)

Mandarin (Chinese)


These are some of the most difficult languages in this category.

How to learn a language for free?

Presently we are in the time of the educational world. It is full of new innovations, technologies, theories, and websites. Language learning websites make it easier for you to learn a language with detailed grammar concepts. There are numerous options you have;



3.   English talks by Kundan Sir



Who learns faster male or female?

People do have this question in their mind who is a faster learner in terms of learning a language who goes with easy language learning? It has a very simple and practical answer to satisfy your appetite to know this fact about human beings. When it comes to learning a language both a male and a female have different approaches.

A Male’s approach is considered ‘Instrumental’ whereas a female’s is integrative. It means that females are more interested in cultures, countries, and the speakers of a language. In conclusion, females are faster learners than males. Males are better learners with orientation while females are born with innate verbal wisdom. It enables them to understand a language better and easier. Moreover, they are better speakers, listeners, writers, and readers.

One more scientific fact that supports my answer is the uniqueness of the brain’s functioning. You may disagree with me here. The structure of the brain is completely equal Left brain stands for analytical and local function while the Right brain stands for visual, music, and non – linguistic processes, but it is just because of how our brain functions.

According to an experiment conducted on the functioning of the brains of a male and a female observe how it differs from each other. The result was surprising when females speak they use both brains while males do only one. This shows that females are faster learners than males. It makes them more creative and proficient in language modeling. Males are better with music and visualization.

Language is your partner

Your behavior with learning a language should be as good as you behave with your partner. The more time you spend with it, the better you understand it and the faster you learn it. When you fall in love with someone, you wish to know him or her inside out. Similarly, you have to be the language with the same attitude. You must show keen interest to spend time with it in order to understand it well.

At present, you can go for language learning free online with the help of the internet. You have to speak, listen, write, and read in the same language. You will have to conceive all its concepts to have a piece of good knowledge in no time.  

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