Difference between Less and Fewer: Examples and Quiz

Difference between Less and Fewer

Do you want to know the difference between less and fewer in English? But you make mistakes. You often use them incorrectly. In this linguistic world, the use of “Fewer” and “Less” can be a bit confusing. Although these may be similar for you they have different rules and usage.

In this article, I am going to share some guidelines to use fewer and less rules with examples and exercises.

What’s the Difference between Less and Fewer?

The use of “Fewer” and “Less” can be a little tricky for a beginner. But if you know how to use them correctly, it will help you make interesting sentences. They both have the same meaning but different usage. Let’s learn them one by one with examples.

Use “Fewer” for Countable Nouns

We use “Fewer” for the things that we can count. It is always used for countable nouns. We use it when we have something lesser than required.

If you wish to eat an ice cream worth RS 10, but you have only 7 rupees. In such scenarios, we use “Fewer” for countable things.

For example,

Pencil, rupees, phones, and minutes, etc.

Use “Less” for Uncountable Nouns

We use “Less” for the things that we cannot count. It is always used for uncountable nouns. We use it when we have something lesser than required.

For example,

Water, money, knowledge, and anger.

Fewer and Less Examples

Use of “Fewer” Examples

1) Students have fewer friends nowadays.

2) I can buy only fewer crackers this Diwali.

3) My sister gave me fewer rupees for a picnic.

4) Roma needs fewer dresses for her.

Use of “Less” Examples

1) People have less patience for everything.

2) There is very less time for Diwali celebration.

3) Rakesh has less experience in trading.

4) Kundan possesses less belief in god.

I hope, now you have understood the difference between Less and Fewer with examples and usage. It is time for you to test your knowledge with the fewer vs less quiz given below.


fewer and less Quiz

1 / 10

"She needs _____ time to finish the project."

2 / 10

Which sentence uses "fewer" appropriately?

3 / 10

Select the sentence with the proper use of "less":

4 / 10

There is _____ confusion when instructions are clear."

5 / 10

Choose the correct sentence:

6 / 10

Which phrase uses "fewer" appropriately?

7 / 10

Which is the correct usage of "less" in the sentence?

8 / 10

"Please choose the line with _____ items."

9 / 10

In which situation would you use "fewer"?

10 / 10

Which sentence uses "fewer" correctly?

Your score is

The average score is 65%



Learning the difference between less and fewer in English is important. Less and fewer both are adjectives therefore, you should learn Adjective usage with examples first. You should use them correctly in sentences in order to avoid confusion. With this fewer vs Less quiz, you can practice these adjectives.

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