How can I Learn 100 English Words Every Day?

learn 100 English words

Are you tired of learning words every day? You are a beginner and aspire to improve your English communication skills. But unfortunately, vocabulary is a bottleneck in your journey.

In this article, I am going to give you some tips that will help you learn 100 English words in just one day. You will be able to use this vocabulary when you want to express yourself better, impress your friends, or go on a trip.

The Power of Putting Words in Sentences

One of the best ways to learn new words is to use them in your sentences. We will focus on learning words in sentences or phrases instead of memorizing each of them. You can also take the help of English root words, this will help you not only learn the meaning of new words but also allow you to understand how to use them in your sentences.

Grouping Words Together

In case you want to learn a lot of words quickly, you should use a technique known as grouping. In this technique, we keep words with similar meanings or topics in a group.

When we keep words in a group it becomes much easier for us to learn them for a longer time period.

For example,

If you want to learn 20 words related to food. At the place of trying to learn every single word, it’s a better option to group them into categories like drinks fruits vegetables, and meats. This grouping technique creates a connection among the words. It makes it easier for you to learn.

Spaced Out Learning

The next important part of our learning is known as the spaced repetition technique. In this technique, we don’t prefer learning all the words in a single learning session. But we divide our learning into different sessions. It gives us the benefits of the spacing effect. According to research, we can memorize better and longer when we review the information at different stages of time.

For example,

Study schedule

If you target learning 100 words in one day, we will divide them into 4 different categories. Therefore it will be easier for you to focus on an unlimited amount of vocabulary at a time. This is the best way to remember vocabulary. When we divide the sessions at different parts of the day, we give some time to our brain so that it can easily process the information and learn it easily.

Morning: Begin your day by evaluating the words you took in the other day. This will assist with setting the data to you.

Afternoon: Invest some energy perusing or paying attention to sound accounts of English. This will assist you with being presented to new words and to figure out how they are utilized in setting.

Evening: Make cheat sheets or utilize a vocabulary learning application to rehearse the words you have learned. You can likewise attempt to integrate new words into your discussions or composing.

Practice and Immerse Yourself

Memorizing words is not the only thing that you can do to master a language. To strengthen you are understanding and improve your fluency, it is necessary for you to immerse yourself in the language. You should practice these words in context so that you can use them in your daily life.

There are many activities that you can engage yourself like listening to podcasts, reading books, and watching movies. You can even talk with native English speakers.

For example,

Language Exchange

You should try to find a language partner whose native language is the same that you are learning. It will be beneficial for you to use the words that you are learning in meaningful conversations with him. It will help you to use the word and improve your pronunciation and listening skills.


Learning 100 English words in a single day can be a challenging task in the beginning. But if you apply these unique approaches, it becomes easier for you to memorize them easily and for a longer time period. By working on contact with the grouping method, space repetition, and immersion in the language, makes remarkable progress. You should celebrate your achievements every day with positive results.

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