The Lost Kitten (Reading Comprehension Practice)

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If you wish to improve reading comprehension, read this short story. After reading, there are some questions about it to test your reading power.

One sunny morning, Timmy, a young boy, found a tiny, fluffy kitten near his house. The kitten looked scared and lost. Timmy felt sad for the little kitten. He decided to help.

He gently picked up the kitten and brought it home. Timmy gave the kitten a saucer of milk and a cozy blanket to rest on. The kitten sniffed the milk. It started drinking eagerly.

Timmy asked his mom if they could keep the kitten. His mom agreed, but they needed to find its owner first. Timmy made posters and put them around the neighborhood.

A few days later, a lady named Mrs. Johnson called. She said the kitten was hers. It had accidentally wandered out. Timmy was a bit sad but happy the kitten would be back with its family.

Timmy waved goodbye to the kitten as Mrs. Johnson took it home. He felt proud that he had helped the lost kitten find its way back.

Kindly answer these unseen English passage questions and answer your score in the comment box.

1.What did Timmy find near his house one morning?

2. How did the kitten look when Timmy found it?.

3.What did Timmy give the kitten to drink?

4. How did Timmy try to find the kitten’s owner?

5. Who called Timmy about the kitten?

6. Why was Timmy sad when Mrs. Johnson called?

7. How did Timmy feel when he saw the kitten leaving?

8. What did Timmy realize about helping the kitten?

9. What is a synonym for “scared” in the story?

10. Which title best suits the story?

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