Best English Books for Competitive Exam


Best English Book for Competitive Exam

Do you also dream to have a government job? But English is a problem on your way to competitive exams. You are in the right place. In this blog, we are going to share some of the best English books for competitive exam. We will also share the guidelines on how to use these books. If you follow these guidelines, you can prepare yourself at home. You will secure your dream job through the competitive exams.

Understanding English Language

Before we start describing specific books. I want you to understand the key areas of the English language for competitive exams. The English section is important in each government exam. Whether you are preparing for SSC CGL, UPSC, or any other competitive exam. It basically includes grammar vocabulary comprehension and writing skills.

Best English Book for SSC CGL

Firstly, let’s go through the best English book for SSC CGL exams. We will share the most useful books section-wise.

A) “English Grammar in Use” written by Raymond Murphy:

The English learners really like this book. Because it explains grammar clearly and gives useful advice. Moreover, it talks about important grammar Rules for Competitive Exams. The examples for each concept are relatable and also easy to understand. There are also exercises in the book. These exercises help you practice what you have learned recently. So, if you really want to be good at grammar. This book is super helpful for competitive exams.

B) Word Power Made Easy” authored by Norman Lewis:

This book is exclusively designed to improve the vocabulary book for SSC CGL. It helps readers learn new words through engaging exercises, quizzes, and etymology. This book covers a wide range of words. It has different categories for various words. You will learn new words for personality, phobia, mania, and also logy, doctors, etc.

C) Objective General English by S.P. Bakshi:

Basically, this book is for English medium learners. It is written completely in English. This is all about getting ready for competitive exams. It helps you learn words, sentences, and grammatical rules. There are lots of practice things and questions to do. Doing these will make your English better and help you score well on tests. The book is made to match what people need for exams they really want to win.

D) “High School English Grammar and Composition”.

It was written by Wren and Martin: People think it is a really valuable thing to learn English. This book is all about English grammar and how to use it correctly. It talks about lots of lessons like tenses, vocabulary, punctuation marks, etc. It is not just for the smart ones, anyone can use it. No matter if you are just starting or already know a bit. They explain things really well inside undoubtedly. They give you various exercises to practice. Doing those helps you get good at English grammar. Because it helps you do better on competitive exams.

These are the best English book for SSC CGL examinations.

3) Top Picks for UPSC Civil Services Exam:

The UPSC Civil Services Exam demands a high level of English proficiency for its various components. Consider adding these books to your UPSC preparation arsenal:

A) “A Mirror of Common Errors” by Dr. Ashok Kumar Singh:

It is all about those common grammar mistakes we often make. The book focuses on helping readers understand English usage better. It explains words that people mix up a lot, sayings that might sound strange, and even those tricky grammar ideas. It wants to stop those mistakes from happening in writing and talking, which really helps when you are doing big tests.

B) “Descriptive General English” by S.P. Bakshi and Richa Sharma:

For people getting ready for tests with a writing part, like essays and letters. There is a book called “Descriptive General English” by S.P. Bakshi and Richa Sharma. This competitive English book has made just for that kind of thing. It talks about how to write essays, make letters, and even how to write really short and to-the-point summaries. The book also shows examples and lets you practice. You can get better at writing and do great on your tests.

4) Essential English Books for Banking Exams:

When you are getting ready for those banking tests, like IBPS PO and SBI PO. Here are some books that can help you out:

A) “Objective English for Competitive Examinations” by both Hari Mohan Prasad and Uma Sinha:

If you are looking to do well on tests with lots of questions. This book is for you. “Objective English for Competitive Examinations” has a bunch of practice exercises and ways to make your language skills better. It covers grammar lessons, fancy words, understanding what you read, and more. You can practice a lot and get better at English with this book.

B) “Banking Awareness” by Arihant Experts:

Even though this book is not only about English. It is important for those banking tests with an English part. It talks about all kinds of things related to banking, like what is happening right now, words people use in banking, and how banks work. Being really good at banking exams is a big deal in these tests. This book helps you know all the important things.

5) Competitive Exam Success: Strategies and Tips:

Alongside these books, it is important to adopt effective study strategies and tips to enhance your English language skills:

Consistent Practice: Dedicate regular time to practice reading comprehension, solving grammar exercises, and expanding your vocabulary.

Mock Tests: Take mock tests and previous years’ question papers to familiarize yourself with the exam pattern and time management. You can also download English practice set for competitive exams from online websites.

Read Widely: Cultivate a reading habit by consuming newspapers, magazines, and classic literature. This will not only improve your language skills but also increase your knowledge.

Grammar Exercises: Regularly engage in grammar exercises to strengthen your foundation and ensure error-free writing. Practice exercises, like Noun rules for Competitive exams, Subject- verb-agreement, etc.


Learning English is necessary for competitive exams. The best English book for competitive exam offers important guidance. Learning English Grammar explains rules. Vocabulary Power increases word knowledge. “Reading Comprehension Strategies” improves passage skills. Writing Well refines writing abilities. Practice Tests and Tips ensure readiness. Combine study, practice, and these resources for success. Begin your path to excellence!

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