Colour Idioms with Meanings and Sentences

Colour Idioms, idioms related to colours, colour idioms with meanings and sentences

Do you also know the idioms related to colours? Colors have always been a unique way of describing our language. These include clear expressions that take emotions and expressions. The idioms of colours are not only phrases but also inner feelings coming out through the words.

In this article, we are going to learn 10 different colour idioms with meanings and sentences. These are unique in themselves to express their meanings. We will learn tips to learn advanced English vocabulary to learn these idioms with meanings and detailed examples.

Caught red-handed

You use this idiom when you get somebody doing something wrong or an illegal task.

For example,

1) The examiner caught Ramu red-handed in the exams while he was trying to cheat.

2) Roma was caught red-handed by her parents on the roof smoking at night.

3) Ishu’s parents caught him red-handed eating French fries with his friends during school time.

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Colour Idioms with Meanings

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What does the expression "Green with Envy" signify?

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When would someone be "Blue in the Face"?

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What does it mean when someone is described as "White as a Sheet"?

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What is the meaning of the expression "Roll Out the Red Carpet"?

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What does it mean when a situation is referred to as a "Gray Area"?

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If someone is described as being "In the Pink," what does it mean?

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What does a "Golden Opportunity" represent?

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What does the phrase "Paint the Town Red" mean?

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Who is referred to as the "Black Sheep"?

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Green with envy

You can use this idiom for someone who is very jealous or envious of somebody’s success or possession.

Look at these idioms examples,

1) Romeo was green with envy when his best friend won the first prize.

2) Roma turns green with envy when the teacher praises her friend.

3) Mr. Parker was green with envy when his junior was promoted to his senior.

Blue in the face

We use this idiom when somebody is very tired of speaking explaining or arguing something over and over again.

For example,

1) The teacher helped his students till he was blue in the face.

2) The student explained the reason for his absence till he was blue in the face, but the teacher did not believe him.

3) We both talk a lot till we are blue in the face and then go to sleep.

White as a sheet

 We use this idiom when somebody is looking very pale mostly because of shock wear or illness.

For example,

1) When I surprised my sister she was looking white as a sheet.

2) Ramu locked white as a sheet when he was suffering from typhoid.

3) The patient was looking as white as a sheet due to the anesthesia’s effects.

Continue reading this list of idioms.

Black sheep

We use this idiom for somebody who is not a reputable member of a group of family.

For example,

1) Romeo was the black sheep. Because he was the son of a policeman and robbed a bank.

2) He was a black sheep in the town known for his honesty.

3) In the family of businessmen, I became the black sheep by choosing a career in art.

Paint the town red

It means to go out and celebrate or enjoy the fullest.

For example,

1) India painted the town red after the successful landing of Chandrayan 3 on the moon.

2) Team India won the World Cup and the whole nation painted the town red.

3) The manager approved her leave for one month and he painted the town red.

In the pink

We use this idiom when you are in excellent help or perfect condition.

For example,

1) When I met my friend, he was in the pink.

2) Take this medicine and you will be in the pink soon.

3) My mother was not in the pink so I called the doctor for consultation.

Roll out the red carpet

We use this idiom to give someone a special welcome or treatment in terms of respect and hospitality.

For example,

1) We rolled out the red carpet for the chief guest at the function.

2) They will roll out the red carpet for him when he clears the UPSC.

3) His friends are planning to roll out the red carpet to give him a surprise on his birthday.

Grey area

We use this idiom for undefined situations where things are not in written.

For example,

1) The company’s new policy was in a grey area. It confused the employees.

2) The HR had some warnings in a grey area therefore it was very hard for us to understand them.

3) The dispute fell into a grey area and made it difficult to judge who was at fault.

Golden opportunity

This idiom meaning is the perfect chance for benefit or advancement.

For example,

1) He accepted the golden opportunity and joined this company.

2) Everybody is looking for a golden opportunity for his career.

3) Learning these 10 idiomatic expressions with meanings is really a golden opportunity for you all.

4) A wise man never overlooks a golden opportunity in his life.

Using these idioms in English conversations makes you sound more native. You can impress others with these simple words and hidden deep meanings.

I hope that these colour idioms with meanings and sentences were clear to you. With the help of these examples, you can use them easily. In case you still have any doubt please let us know in the comment box.

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