Tips to Remember Fast What You Read

Learning has been an essential part of our lives. Some people love reading books, novels, magazines, and editorial pages. They make a target of completing a book within the time. They give enough time for it every day and finish it, but how many of them remember the exact story in the book? In this article, I am going to share some memorization techniques to enhance your memory power without any effort. But not only memorize will work here, but we must also use this acquired information for future use. Here are some scientific habits that changed my life.

1) Use of making highlights: Reading a book is really and truly a time-consuming process and if you have to reread the book, it will the learning process tedious. You can use a highlighter and underlines all the important information in the book. It will help you recall things easily in no time. You can revise the book again whenever you necessitate it in the future.

What if you are reading something online and can’t use your highlighter there? We have also a solution for it. You should use Readwise when you are reading anything in soft copy and make your notes, and highlighters from any Kindle, newspapers, eBooks, and Instapaper. You just need to sync your highlighters and here you are. You can revisit and see your highlights anytime and anywhere. It also has an amazing feature to send you various highlights via email every morning so that you can have an eye on them.

2) Discussion and memorization of what you have learned: it is one of the most important study techniques to improve your memory to discuss what you have read or learned. It helps you associate the knowledge and remember it for a longer time period. When you discuss your reading part, you use your own points of view and recall all the important points. You have the option to compare your views with an author’s perspective. It will give you an opportunity to think as a writer and take out the most useful information for others.

You can use the reading list optimizer notion template for keeping track of your reading books. It gives you access to various features. You can have a list of the books that you have read, are reading, or will read in the future. You also have pages with each book to write your important points. You can rate any book according to you and mention a specific date when you finished it. There are some other interesting features are also available in this notion template so feel free to check it out once.

3) Lie to yourself: we all know that not all books are interesting and engaging. You can’t have the same enjoyment with all the books you read. If you happen to have such a case in your life, you need to tell lies to yourself. You need to befool your mind that the book you are reading is much more interesting than you even think it is. It will encourage you to read it and help to apply these memorization tips for studying. Likewise, you enjoy reading a boring book too and gathering information. It is a neurological technique to boost your memory power by lying to yourself.

4) Choose your books wisely: we often love reading what matches our interests. Therefore, you can follow this tip to read what you love or love what you read. This actually works like magic in memorization. I do agree with the fact lie to yourself also works, but the same rule can’t be applied in each and every case. Sometimes, we come across such books that don’t match our interests only then we can use them not every time. You can first read the summary of a book or important headings in order to get some interest in it. After you have an inclination to it, you will automatically love reading it and your mind will grab the information automatically.

5) Increase your epinephrine level: this is one of the methods of memorization in Psychology to have a sharp memory power. All of us have this epinephrine also known as adrenaline is both a hormone and a transmitter for nerves in our body. The adrenal glands in our body release the epinephrine hormone. As a neurotransmitter in our body epinephrine plays an essential role to make connections with our mind and body. It sends signals to various body parts so that they can function according to a situation. It helps us in order to boost our memory power.

You know that we can easily remember something whether it was a delightful or dismal moment that happened to us. Because when it took place your mind was on high alertness that captured and saved in your memory, therefore, whenever you try to recall it, you often experience that same situation wherein you were at that time. These books everybody must read and try to associate the information and feel as if you are really experiencing it.

These are some tips on how to read and remember fast. I personally use them to read and remember the information for future use.

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