What is beyond the C2 level in English?

Do you know about the levels of a Language? Language learning people know the different levels of English or other languages they are learning presently. The level of a language defines a learner’s proficiency level at the moment. Do you know about Elon Musk’s techniques to learn English? Let me take you through the generally used levels of a language in case you are not aware of them. It will help you measure your level while you are learning any language.

There are generally three levels of a language, but linguistic experts classify them as follows.

Beginner level: A1 and A2

Intermediate level: B1 and B2

Advanced level: C1 and C2

With this classification, people think that the C2 level is the advanced level of any language, but do you even know how to go beyond the C2 level? This may seem absurd to you in the beginning because none have told you about it.

What are CEFR levels?

The European Union introduced the Common European Framework of Reference to standardize the various language levels. These CEFR language indicators are the same for all languages. They will measure the C2 level for English and German equally.

The C2 level of any language is taken as the native level. But if it is equal to native speakers, how do we measure native speakers’ level in any language? Their normal level in their mother tongue is already C2 level, isn’t it? It forces someone to think of the language level beyond C2. Does it actually exist if not how to check native speakers’ level?

Continue reading this article to know the answer.

What is the C2 level?

There is a C2 level examination for every language like Cambridge C2 Proficiency Exam for the English language. If you have passed it, you already have a proficient level in the English language. The clearance of these exams shows that you are proficient in English with all aspects of speaking, listening, writing, and speaking. But this is not the pinnacle level of a language and should not end here only.

How to get beyond C2?

What is the next level when it comes to going beyond C2? There comes academic English. It takes your level to a proficient level to master, and specialize in the language. The English language has an enormous field even after the C2 level. It all starts with academic English wherein you compete with different-level students. It is generally considered that academics of any language is quite difficult. Your next target must be to go for academics if you really wish to kick your level up.

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Academic English consists of complex sentences and profound knowledge of forming and using sentences. It also adds the use of poetic devices like alliteration, personification, oxymoron, simile, etc. You have a great collection of innumerable word meanings for it.

Comprehend the literature: if you wish to take your English beyond the C2 level, you must go for English literature. It is very difficult for learners to comprehend English literature. It takes much time, patience, determination, and consistency to learn it. The expert of the English language uses bombastic vocabulary, and high-level poetic devices to express their internal sentiments. In the beginning, it may be a little tough for you, but if you are determined to improve your English you must go for it.

Read editorials, magazines, and articles: your next step for your language enhancement should be to read editorial pages, famous magazines, or detailed articles. There the writers use advanced vocabulary that you can add to your word list. It gives you different sentence structures and complex sentences. It takes your English level far away. You have a chance to get a writer’s approach to speaking and writing like a pro language expert.

Write professionally: as of now, you must have amalgamated a lot of knowledge of English literature now it is time to practice. Once you have gone through English literature, start writing some content in the English language. You will use your recently acquired knowledge for new learners. It will take time but gradually you will learn academic English and start writing professionally. For writing, you can choose any social medial platform like starting any Facebook, or Instagram page, or using Quora or LinkedIn are also international platforms for professionals. Thousands of learners visit these platforms every day in order to learn English faster while living abroad according to their interests.

These are some tips to kick your English up from the C2 level. You should go for it in case you are really passionate about it. There is no level or anything, there is always a chance of going beyond everything. It requires a different level of determination to achieve that level. It is not impossible, but not possible for everybody.

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