Type of Coordinating Conjunctions with Examples


If you wish to make grammatically long and correct sentences, this article is really beneficial for you. Herein you will have easy access to outstanding knowledge about

        1.    What is a conjunction?

        2.    How many types of conjunctions are there in the English language?

        3.    How to categorize them?

        4.    What is a coordination conjunction?

        5.    Types of coordinating conjunction.

What is a conjunction?

A conjunction is a word that we use to make longer sentences and it connects two or more subjects, nouns, pronouns, sentences, clauses, verbs, phrases, adjectives, and adverbs.

Let’s look at some conjunction examples!

        1.    Rahul and Mickey are best friends. (noun as subjects)

        2.    We learned 10 kinds of adjectives and examples in the last class. (noun as objects)

        3.    You and they go to the same college. (pronoun as subjects)

        4.    I go to school but don’t study properly. (sentences)

        5.    Everybody knows that honesty is the best policy. (Clauses)

       6.    Depression undermines a human’s body not only physically but also mentally.   (adverbs)

        7.    My teacher always upheld me and guided me wisely. (verbs)

        8.    He is smart and intelligent. (adjectives)

In the above examples, you have observed how conjunction deals with various functions and helps you learn English Grammar and make longer sentences easily.

You can learn conjunctions even faster when you know the types of conjunction and conjunction words with categories. These things decide how smartly you can access and finish learning them.

Types of conjunction

When it comes to categorizing the conjunctions you can divide them into two parts as mentioned below.

        1.    Coordinating conjunction

        2.    Subordination conjunction

You are going to learn the first part of conjunction in this article which is coordination conjunction with examples.

Coordinating conjunction

What is a coordinating conjunction?

Coordinating conjunction makes coordination with the different things and connects the same kind of things using various conjunctions like and, yet, but, still, for, etc.

        1.    Cumulative

        2.    Adversative

        3.    Illative

        4.    Alternative

1.    Cumulative conjunctions:- these are the conjunctions that connect the same kind of things and can be replaced
with other conjunctive words of the same category. Let’s look at cumulative conjunctions now.

(Also, too, as well as, no less than, both… and, not only … but also, and)

You can use any of the conjunction words in this type because you can easily replace one conjunction with another one.

Let’s see the conjunction examples and learn how you can replace it.


        1.    He knows Hindi and English.

        2.    He knows both Hindi and English.

        3.    He knows not only Hindi but also English.

        4.    He knows Hindi as well as English.

        5.   He knows Hindi and English too.

        6.   He knows Hindi and also English.

        7.   He knows Hindi No less than English.


        1.    He is learning French and can learn English also.

        2.    They have also applied for the post of a civil engineer.

Both … and

        1.    We can do both online marketing and offline promotions.

        2.    She is both my best friend and soulmate.

        3.    Neha can both talk to her friend and manage her daily tasks simultaneously.


        1.    Indian people have a fear of English and they speak it too.

        2.    She too knows how much I care for her.

Not only but Also

        1.    Not only She but also I am waiting for her father’s decision.

        2.    She not only upheld me but also guided to me know proficiency efficiently.

        3.    I have not only a chance to learn but also a career opportunity in content writing.

As well as

        1.    People need an armchair job as well as a good salary.

        2.    She is skillful in search engine optimization as well as web designing.


        1.    My best friend and I are enough strong to make it possible.

        2.    I am a content writer and a part-time English tutor.

No less than

        1.    I have friends no less than enemies in my life.

        2.    There are no less than 1 million opportunities we can create in our life.

Alternative Conjunction

There are different types of conjunctions as per the requirements of the sentences. Alternative conjunctions are used to show an additional option to join two or more than two different things and show a selection of the available options.

Otherwise, either… or, else, neither… nor, or


        1.    I will always be in her life either in dreams or in reality.

        2.    Either she or her family will be there with me.

        3.    She will either talk to me or block my number.

Neither …. Nor

        1.    Neither she nor I have stopped caring for each other.

        2.    I can neither forget her nor will let her forget me.

        3.    I have neither money nor a job.


        1.    I will live with her or die every second of my life.

        2.    The students will not play or study during winter vacation.

        3.    You or your brother are liable for this causality.


        1.    The students have English phobia otherwise they would surely get a job easily.

        2.    They entered my room otherwise I would have slept.


       1.    What else do you want to know about this course?

    2.    The people maintained social distancing and followed the guidelines else it was impossible to fight against such a contagious virus.

     3.    I received an offer to work with a reputed organization else I would start my own business. 

   I hope it can help you understand how to use conjunctions and prolong your sentences. It will kick up your English from a beginner level to an advanced level.

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