What is language modeling and how it works?

Language modeling can be defined as the speculation of a sentence with numerous grammatical formations and complexed vocabularies putting in together for the sake of getting a meaningful textual answer in the outcome.


When you have to find the meaning of any word or translate the whole sentence, normally you open your phone and use google translator. Have you ever observed how google translate works or how it recognizes our language? You must have heard about Alexa, how it works, and how it finds the answer to our questions. It is possible because of language modeling. Language modeling uses statistical and probabilistic techniques to determine the probability or next word of a sentence. Language modeling is a part of artificial intelligence that gives us stability and accessibility which are the best ways to learn English or other language based on data and statistics. 

The evolution of AI has changed our perception of technology and machine learning. Language modeling applications and task operating machines are capable of understanding the meaning of words, language converters, and spelling correction. In today’s era, most people are facing health-related issues due to pollution and climate change. Most companies and organizations are providing a great opportunity for free learning language online courses with the help of virtual language modeling. We will see how language modeling works and its characteristics. 

What is language modeling? 

Language modeling determines sentence or word probability by analyzing data and rules which are already set in the model. There are so many keys and numbers which are encoded to determine the probable word. These numbers and programming languages find the most similar and related answers. There are two types of language models. These are the basis of the encoding of N-Gram, unigram, etc. 


1. Statistical Language Models 

2. Natural language Models  


There are many types of language modeling applications that are necessary for us in daily life. These applications work on programming languages coding which requires so much hard work, intelligence, and patience. The language model can be simple or complex. It depends on the word or sentence structure. 

Speech recognition – Speech recognition determines our speech and provides probable answers.  Alexa is one of the best examples in today’s era. Those who are not educated or uneducated so can operate the internet or Google by speech recognition. It converts any language into the known language that our smartphone or computer interprets. 

Machine translator – It converts any language into the language we want. It converts any story and article which gives a chance to know more about other language culture and spirituality. 

Optical character recognition – Optical character recognition is very beneficial if you have to read a print document or scan words. It helps to recognize any images as well as the logo. It works based on installed words and their identification encodes. 

Spelling correction – It is hard to remember the spelling of every word. When we have to type any word for Gmail or What’s app. Usually, take the help of a Spelling correction application for writing spelling.

Handwritten text recognition – It determines the character of a word that is written by hand.  Sometimes it is difficult to understand the right character and word so, Hand-written text recognition is very useful to recognize handwriting. 

Difficulties in language modeling 

Whether language modeling has very advanced technology but no doubt it requires so much encoding which can be done by a professional coder only. Computer or Machines only understand programming languages like several unique characters that’s why it is so much time taking and complex part of language modeling. Some interpreters or applications are so complex because of their complex coding, it is difficult to use like Grammarly or spell correction which requires critical thinking too. 

As it is based on Artificial intelligence that’s why sometimes it is costly for middle-class people.  Online learning is a new term for everyone. Harward, Cambridge, and MIT universities are giving certificates and degrees online. But sometimes, those people who learned from online classes, have lack knowledge due to less practical classes. 

Online Language learning 

Language Modeling makes education easier for everyone in today’s era. Almost everybody wishes to
learn any language or other courses, but they are stake how to learn languages online. Free Online language learning courses are available on various types of platforms which are useful in the tech, finance,  military and government, healthcare, and transportation sector. Telecommunication is a major sector that is based on Language modeling. Both chat and auto message senders’ tools are capable of handling public quarries and problems. Learn Languages online is being promoted by big brands and social media. The upcoming future will be dependent on Artificial intelligence. We all should be prepared for new changes.


Stanford University, Google cloud, IBM, Coursera, and online learning are the best websites and platforms for learning a new language with language modeling machines and applications. Students can take extra online classes if he lacks in a specific part of English grammar like Conjunction for Comparisons and Conditions. Those students who left their education due to financial or family problems now it’s time to perpetrate their studies. Language modeling has opened many doors of opportunities in their life. Technology is a great tool use it but don’t be addicted to it. 

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