The Best Way to Learn English

The English language is a logical, explanative, and global language. It is spoken by millions of people all over the world.

English is the second language that is used after Hindi in India. When it comes to learning English, it is not a difficult task if you are determined to learn. It needs consistency and practice. If we talk about the best way to learn English, we can’t specify which one is the best. It depends on us how much we make an effort and practice. Some of us can learn it within 6 months and some of us can take around one year. But there are some parameters and rules which are set for the learners. It provides us with a sequence so Grammar rules and practice of vocabulary can make the English language easy. 

Learning a language is useful in almost every aspect of our life wherein we need knowledge of English. As we know English is the official language in India. So, it must be important to learn English. When we have to write a letter, watch movies, read stories and understand someone’s culture which is based on English, having expertise in the English language makes you eligible to understand and think. 

The basic concept of Learning a language

The basic concept of learning a language is related to our daily life activities and environment. When we heard some words continuously so, it impacts our subconscious mind that’s why we remember words and sentences for a very long time and implement them in our language. Generally, there are several ways of learning English. The Emersion method of English is very popular to learn English. If you live in a foreign country where English is spoken so, you can learn English easily within less time because the most important part of learning English is our environment. 

We see many people can understand but can’t speak or write. WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and other social networking websites are used all over the world but the main thing we don’t get an environment where we can speak in English. If we don’t speak so doesn’t matter how much we know the rules and vocabulary, we’ll forget one day. So, Practice makes a man perfect. Books, podcasts, and online classes are very big opportunities for us from them we can learn easily in the modern era. 

3  ways of Learning English   

Learning a language is not so much easy but proper rules and classes indoctrinate us on how we can learn quickly. Reading, listening, writing, and speaking are the main four parts of English that need different types of practice and study to learn every four-part. If we see the best way of learning we have some most effective ways of learning the English language which we’ll discuss further. 

Emersion or natural method

The emersion or natural method is a very old method of learning a language. The emersion method is a traditional method. If you live in a foreign country so automatically after some time you will start speaking English. You don’t need a lot of books, so many classes and teachers. You listen to words, again and again, so You get to know the meaning of each word and when you need something, you try to speak so, automatically words come onto your tongue. The natural method is always very effective, but it is not easy for those, whose native language is not English or who don’t get an English environment. If our native language is Hindi we have to put so much effort into learning English. 

Institute or University method

University and study material for learning English is a modern way of learning. We can get live online classes from teachers and professors. The curriculum of private institutes and the university is based on the English language whether the study is related to IIT, Science, and technology you must know English. When all have attended private English learning classes in our area or school. So, online classes and private classes are very useful for learning a language. The book we get from school and university can find grammar rules and important vocabulary which are required for the English language. 

Social media platforms and Artificial intelligence  

Facebook, YouTube, Quora, and Instagram are the new concept of learning in our culture. We spend our whole day on Instagram for just enjoyment or to learn new things. We can find movies, stories, and podcasts on this type of platform. Research has shown the virtual way of learning is more effective than the non-virtual method. Our science is growing so fast that’s why we are getting dependent on robots and Artificial intelligence. One of the positive things about artificial intelligence is very helpful when it comes to learning a language. AI can test our English compressive skills and find where we are lacking that’s why AI is a very great method of learning English. 

Knowing English is useful in not only my personal life but also professional life. We can find a good job for us, we can get very good opportunities in our study. A native speaker is always considered superior in our society and leads our society. 

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