Reading Comprehension tips for Government Exams

Are you preparing for English comprehension for SSC CGL? But your preparation is not as per your expectations. Do you want to know how you can score marks without studying?

It may sound unreal but it’s true. In today’s article, we are going to tell how you can prepare English for competitive exams and score marks in an English exam without any effort.

What is reading comprehension?

It is the skill of understanding an unseen paragraph and answering the questions based on it. Reading comprehension is one of the most commonly asked questions whether you are preparing for competitive exams or academic exams. You can easily score 10 to 12 marks easily in a reading comprehension test. The best thing about reading comprehension is you do not have to prepare it. You get questions based on reading comprehension in every exam. The answers are already written in the paragraphs.

How to build reading comprehension skills?

You are not born with any skill, it is developed with time through practice. If you also want to improve your reading comprehension skill you need to;

1 Read the paragraph carefully

2 Try to relate the story wisely

3 Understand its whereabouts surely

4 Remember the context easily

5 Answer the questions intelligently.

Tips to solve reading comprehension

Although reading comprehension for SSC CGL is a time-consuming process in the verbal section yet if you follow these tips you can solve it easily and with more accuracy. People don’t feel like reading the passage, it is a boring task. But if you want to score well in the English section, you can avail yourself of reading comprehension. You will like reading it once you start solving it.

Read questions before– People prefer reading passages first to answering the questions. But they make it more complex by doing it. It becomes easier when they read all the questions first and then move to read the passage. It gives them a clear what information we need to look into the passage. We can save our time like this. Because your focus will be on finding the answers to the questions instead of understanding the whole passage.

Vocabulary question:- You get one or two questions in the reading comprehension based on the vocabulary section. Generally falls in the category of antonyms or synonyms or even idioms. You also get a tag hint that you need to look up in paragraph one or paragraph two for the given word. Go through the passage again and try to find out the word. In case you know the meaning of the given options, use the elimination method to ignore them

Apply cross method:- This method is also known as the elimination method. We eliminate unnecessary options from the given answers in order to get the correct answer. After reading the passage, we get a clear idea of what the passage is talking about. We can use the elimination method to solve the questions easily. Doing this will make the questions easier for you to solve and save time.

Underline important facts:- When you have gone through the questions, you know what you need to find out from the passage. But it’s not easy to memorize all the information at once. While you are reading the passage as per your understanding, you should underline the important information given in the passage as per the questions. You will be able to answer most questions through your underlined notes once you finish reading the passage.

Practice:- Practice is considered the key to success in everything. It is one of the most important tips to score well in the reading comprehension section. You should practice some unseen passages to be proficient in them. It will help you score well and save a lot of time on the exam. You can also learn pronoun spotting error rules for your exams.

These are some important tips that you can use in order to solve the reading comprehension test with answers timely. If you follow these tips, you save time and can utilize them in other sections.

I hope that it was useful to you. In case you still have any doubts, please do let us know in the comment section

Thanks for reading.

Q1 Read the passage carefully and answer the below questions.

The moon is a very big, bright, and beautiful planet in the sky. Even then it is much smaller when compared with the earth. It is only a quarter of its total size. You can easily put around four moons side by side inside the earth. If the earth were empty you would get 40 moons inside it pressing them out of their shapes to get them inside.

The measurement of the moon is about 3360 km through the center. The moon and the sun look alike in size from the Earth but they are not in reality. You can put around 400 moons in the sun side by side. The Earth is approximately 81 times heavier than the Moon, but the Sun is 27 million times heavier than it. The moon is around 386,000 km away from Earth. And it is the nearest planet to Earth.
In astronomy, this is the shortest distance. The moon is Earth’s nearest neighbor. The next closest planet is 41 million km away from the Earth. This is planet Venus. The moon is considered a satellite of Earth. Planets usually have at least one satellite. But there are two planets that do not have any satellite these are Mercury and Venus.

Answer the following questions after reading the passage.

1. What is the size of the moon compared with Earth?

2. How many moons could we put inside Earth?

3. What is the estimated distance from Earth to the moon?

4. Choose the correct option.?

5. Which planets don’t have satellites??

6. Who is our nearest neighbor in the space?

7. What is the meaning of ‘Astronomy’?

8. Who is our second nearest neighbor planet?

9. How many moons can we put inside the sun?

10. Given this passage a suitable title?

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